Review – Learn how to Manage all of your works in one place! reviewAre you searching a professional project manager suit completely focused on getting things done? If your answer is YES then you are at the right place, today we will discuss a famous Project management tool-

The is a tool which will help you to increase the productivity of your business via its advance CRM, task management, time tracking and billing functionality. is perfect for the freelancers, consultants, and teams of any size. This tool will help you to achieve improved efficiency, quality, and transparency. And the important part, this is completely free for freelancers.

This Project Management tool not only limited to its core task i.e. managing projects, but it also offers a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), time tracking and billing option.

This tool takes everything as a task- a sales lead, calling your clients, a meeting with a client, tax return, writing a report for your client and more…

It is the responsibility of this tool to accomplish all of these tasks on time.

Tasks can be categorized on the basis of in-house tasks and client/customers tasks. Here, will help you to deal with the tasks quickly on the basis of client or in-house and also keep track of their progress.

This project manager cum personal assistant is packed with lots of powerful features, that we will discuss later, it is guaranteed that this software solution will help you to boost productivity.

This all in one project management tool is integrated with the CRM, time tracking, project management, and invoicing; so you don’t need any other tool and get things done faster. It is perfect for the freelancers, small businesses, consultants, and teams.

Now, it is very simple to create tasks and track your precious time, manage and keep track all of your customers and contacts with a CRM, create checklists, email tasks, make accurate billing reports, sync your Google calendar, bookmark or snooze tasks, give feedback to your team, and more…


Now, Manage all of your Work in one Place

Unlike the traditional project management systems that focus only on the project work and unable to recognize the other home and personal tasks, is the very advanced tool for all types and sizes of business like consultant, contractor or freelancer, or small agency. It allows you to track your tasks across multiple in-house and client related projects.


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TODO.VU Features

CRM: Its Customer Relationship Manager feature will help you to manage all of your customers and their contacts.

TASKS: It contains a unique tracking feature that allows you or your team to track in-house tasks, personal tasks, and client project work from one place.

TIME TRACKING: It’s easy to understand visual feature will help you to track your precious time directly on your tasks. Whereas other tools only track time to a project level

TIME BILLING: You can set billing charge on the projects and staff. Choose that which time interval is billable and generate detailed invoice reports in order to provide the detailed time reports to your clients.

EMAIL TASKS IN: This tool offers you and your clients to send email tasks directly into You can also attach files and other attachments and set up rules for assigning tasks from email.

CHECKLISTS: This feature will help you to break the bigger tasks into different small checklists and track their progress report in percentage.

CALENDAR SYNC: One can easily synchronize your task due dates via any iCal compatible calendar. It is compatible with Google and Office365 Calendars.

SNOOZE TASKS: Via “Snooze” tasks feature you can do “snooze” your tasks for an indefinite time or you can also be scheduled to become active when another task is completed.

DRAG AND DROP FILES: Its drag and drop option makes it simple to use. It offers 2GB of data storage for each user, you and your team members can access all of your important files from one place.


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Pricing of

Solo Free

  • CRM
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • 100MB Storage
  • One staff user

Team Premium ($5/user/month)

  • Capped at $55/month
  • All Free Features
  • 2GB Storage per user
  • plus Priority Support

Business Time ($9/user/month)

  • Capped at $99/month
  • All Team Features
  • 2GB Storage
  • plus Reports and Billing Technical details

Devices Supported: Windows, Linux, Mac and Web-based

Language Support: English

Customer Types: Small Business, Medium Business and Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted


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After discussing all of features it is clear that this project management tool is one of the advance tool through which one can easily handle their project. It is a completely cloud-based productivity suite suitable for freelancers and small teams.

Via this single platform, you can manage tasks, records, and client communication. It also supports time tracking feature and billing feature that allow you to track your precious time and generate bill base on the time spent on a project.

It’s personalized workspaces, email integration and collaboration tools are helpful in delivering a user-friendly project and client management solution.

If you want to manage projects effectively then you should go with the project management tool. It will allow you to track who is doing what, when and for whom. With the help of’s control panel, you can organize individual, team and client work with ease.

This tool comes with a free plan, so if you want to test this project management tool without paying a single cent then you can go for its Freemium plan. After using this tool for free, if it suits to you and your business, and you want to unlock its complete features then you have to select a paid plan from the available pricing options.

It is suggested to first try its free service and after using it decide what to do.