Timely Review- Best Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Timely Review- Best Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Timely is a cloud-based scheduling platform designed to help people who have small or medium sized businesses who actually don’t care or get out of their time or appointments.

Due to its popularity, not only it is used for businesses but even several other use it for their own purpose and it has gained popularity for hair salons, massage therapist, beauty salons, personal trainers and health clinics.

However, it has several features but its calendar management tool is great as it allows users to properly organize their staffs, business and clients. It lets users to track everything and it does not matter whether it is used on PC, Smartphone or tablet.

The calendar management allows user to book appointments, manage recurring bookings, can start group booking and classes and even add several activities to single booking. Now its easy for users to run their schedules remotely, send notifications and reminders and also can generate reports.

In addition, this unique platform also allows users to book tickets online through links embedded in websites or via Facebook. It completely offers marketing support, reporting features and booking.

Email reminders as well as automated SMS is also offered and stores customer data secretly like emails, personal details, sales, booking and many other.

Integration is offered with third party applications, which includes MailChimp, ZVend, Google Calendar, MYOB, Xero etc.

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Tracks your work and is completely automatic

It removes all the dependency on manual input and makes sure that each and every second is properly monitored. It easily monitors activity of all devices during work and creates timesheets for you.

Free employees for productive work- AI processes all the data and it creates intelligent timesheets for you, and here, no need of your teams to waste any productive time on time tracking.

Capture hidden billable hours– This platform easily records all the tasks that go unreported such as client calls, travel, daily digital communication and other meetings.

Create accurate timesheets for invoicing– It automatically tracks every work and therefore nothing is forgotten.

Keep all projects moving in right direction

Timely provide users with most active project control. Its powerful dashboard helps users to analyze, review and share insights to make project more profit and effective.

Keep projects within budget­– It has ready-made dashboards with personal notifications, which properly manage every projects from single place.

Understands how project time is spent– Timely breaks every individual activity for each project just to make you know where the exact budget goes for your project.

Improve cost and time estimations– With Timely, now its easy to produce accurate and reliable project estimation as it breaks down the tasks

Easy to manage team performance

Its easy to see your teams work from one place. You can distribute workloads, coordinate resources and can lead accountable teams without running for information.

Manage workload, profitability and capacity– You can see how your employees is spending time from single dashboard like billable time percentage, real time logged hours and workload capacity.

Ensure everyone’s working to your priorities– With Timely, you can see what each employees are doing or working on and it is also a way to make sure that efforts are not going elsewhere but towards valuable and urgent task

Assign and log hours for busy colleagues– With the help of Timely, you cannot miss any details as all are filled quickly and also reallocate work for employees who are not serious about their work.

Memory– This is a new feature that aims to know, how you have spend your time on your project, and it aims to increase efficiency. However, this feature is now available only on Mac OS app.

Talking about Memory feature, a private timeline of the entire tasks is completed during the day. According to work, your working hours will be added automatically. Afterwards, you can go through them once and check how to improve use of time.

How Timely works

Well talking about Timely, it is easy to use. It has beautiful interface with graphic design and also there is no time taking condition to figure out how to use what. Its easy to add time just like clicking on a day of week and entering time.

Even there is option, which can help you to track time while you are working only by clicking on stopwatch icon. All in whole, it works as you wish.


Timely provides users with FREE 14-day trial and there is no cards required.


Build monthly ($23 per month) & Build yearly ($21 per month)

  • Unlimitedactive projects
  • 365 days Memory timeline
  • Mark as billed
  • Teams
  • Timesheet Control
  • Advanced Tag Control
  • Priority support


Build monthly ($15 per month) & Build yearly ($14 per month)

  • Unlimited active projects
  • 60 days Memory timeline
  • Mark as billed


Build monthly ($8 per month) & Build yearly ($7 per month)

  • 3 active projects
  • 30 days Memory timeline
  • For individual use

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Well, now its almost the end and I have to only say that if you are searching a time tracking app which can help you to schedule any appointment then nothing can be best than using Timely. This works best for small businesses and also for individual.

However, it may look expensive for many but it offers 14 days FREE TRIAL that can help users to know it in better way. For many, Timely project management may not provide much features but this is not the only platform.

In fact, there are several others, which can help you track time as per your requirement. You can see more project management software on: http://www.toolsinsight.com/category/project-management/uszNgYk=