Tawk.to Review Live Chat Solution – Deal with your Potential Customers in Real Time

Tawk.to reviewWant to convert your visitors OR potential customers into your permanent customers? If yes, then your primary task is to connect with them instantly when they visit your website and start chatting in real time.

To do this all you need a proper channel that will allow you to connect with them and start the conversation. Go with a professional online chat service that suits your business and boost your sales.

Today we will discuss about a human supported live chat system that let your business to boom without any extra effort, Tawk.to is a human based live chat application specially designed to manage your business effectively. This tool will completely change your online customer engagement experience. It will let numerous websites and agents via a single dashboard interface to start the conversation with the visitors on your website.

This live chat service is compatible with all the modern browsers, Tawk.to provides free iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected with your visitors, or you can access it via any modern browser.

Why use tawk.to?

tawk.to is a free live chat app and ticketing system currently used by more than 200000 companies to offer real-time support and service to their customers. Once you add this tool to your website, from that time you will never lose any lead or sale again. The tawk.to will help you to monitor their visitors, along with this you can also provide solutions to your permanent customer when they need it most.

It is very simple to set up and the main point is – it is very light weighted so it will don’t affects the loading speed of your site. Make it clear that it isn’t a plugin, so you don’t have to worry about what website platform you use. In order to start using Tawk.to, simply add a script that on any website or only on selected pages. You can answer to the questions asked by your user at any time, download an app for your Smartphone. This will alert you anytime someone starts a chat. Via this, you can make your business alive even you are away from your office.


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Tawk.to’s dashboard shows important metrics that allows the user to find out how well your live chat strategy is working. Its live visitor’s graph tracking system will display how many live visitors are currently browsing over your website.

Some of the other metrics tracked by this live chat tool are:

  • Missed chat – It is the chat that was not answered by the agents
  • Positive sentiment – It is the percentage of chats where the discussion ends positively, as opposed to negative chats.
  • Return visitors – The percentage of returned visitors OR the visitors who have already visited your website in past
  • Engagement – This shows the comparison between the percentage of visitors who clicked the chat bubble and visitors who didn’t engage asked to start chat.
  • Availability – It is the ratio of time when your chat agents were available for your visitors
  • Visitors – Total number of visitors to your website
  • Page Views – It counts the total number of pages visited by the visitors
  • Chats – the total number of chats engaged by website visitors

The main motive of live chat is to make you available every time to your customers. Because only having live chat will never help your business, as you have to deal with your customers and answer them instantly.

All of the metrics offered by Tawk.to will help you to do this.


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Features of tawk.to

  • Custom Widget: You can easily change the size, colors, position, and content of the visitor widget according to your website. You can also change the language of your widget according to your need.
  • Chat History: Access the complete chat history of every chat completed by you and your team. All of your transcripts are stored for an indefinite period and if you want to delete them then you can do it at any time.
  • Automated Triggers: This option let you set automated messages based on different conditions, like time, visiting a specific page, or performing a certain action etc.
  • Shortcuts: its shortcut option will help you to deal with those customers that ask very common questions. Answer frequently asked visitor questions with shortcuts, simply share suggested messages or answers with new members of your team.
  • Multiple Agents: Every agent has their own account and can be invited to share numerous different ‘websites’ or ‘webpage’s.
  • Aliases: Set multiple alias, in order to answer each chat with whichever name you like. Every alias can also have its own profile picture, work title and more.
  • Departments: Make different Departments based on your team, and add different agents to each. You can make different teams like sales team to deal with sales related chats, and the IT team to answer technical support chats.
  • Manage Sites: Attach as many different widgets to different websites as you like, in order to track where all your chats are coming from. You have to log in to a single dashboard and answer on behalf of many different sites.
  • Custom Pages: If your business doesn’t have any website then you can create custom Pages (for example tawk.to/YourBrand), share this link and then start chatting instantly. There is no limitation to create pages, and you can create as many pages you want.


Technical details

Devices Supported: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Web-based

Language Support: English

Customer Types: Small Business, Large Enterprises and Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted, On Premise and Open API


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Every business is different and might need different requirement to deal with their customer. So it is suggested to check this tool first before accepting it permanently. This Customer Support Software solution is designed for all business size, type of customers and employees and more.

It may be a great idea to read a few Tawk.to reviews first and then compare its features with the other available live chat solutions. If you are still unsatisfied and want to browse few more Live Chat tools then you must visit: http://toolsinsight.com/category/livechat-services/uszNgoE=

Here you can compare different Live chat services and easily decide which one is perfect for your business or not.