Spyfu- Best Way to Increase Website Traffic

About SpyFu

SpyFu is known as one of the industries leading competitive keyword search tool which has some awesome features. It shows keywords which are bought on Google Adwords along with those keywords which websites are showing in the search results.

It exposes search marketing secret formula among your most successful competitors. It provides users with cost per click and searches volume statistics on keywords and it uses the same data to those websites which are spending on advertising.

SpyFu discovers the wide openings for search marketers. It helps users by connecting SEOs and PPC pros with answers which they want to stay competitive and at the same time want to grow their business.

It offers advertising budgets which help advertisers project of what will be the cost of the advertising campaign in future. One can use this tool as competitive research tools which are of great use as they determine which keyword or keywords combinations work within a niche.

It very easily shows its data after refreshing every month and also notifies about what is happening in larger trends in SEM/SEO instead of real-time tracking engine. You can easily analyze by practically entering any domain and just watch where they have shown on Google like every keyword which has brought on keywords, every ad variation, and every organic rank.

What SpyFu offers?

  • It increases your website traffic
  • Easily monitors your keyword rankings
  • Make Better Connections
  • Keyword searches
  • Unlimited backlink results
  • Add your own keywords

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Features in details


It increases your website traffic

SpyFu works by increasing the website traffic as its smart recommendations drive hits the SEO or Adwords campaign.

Easily monitors your keyword rankings

It tracks your keyword that is paid and SEO rankings on all search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing

Make Better Connections

It works very effectively and its consistent contacts information helps to build partnerships and even generate leads on sales hence makes better connections.

Keyword searches

This tool help users to find the best keyword for their website so that their website can come in ranking with those keywords and also bad keywords are deleted so that only best keywords are there.

Unlimited backlink results

With the use of SpyFu, users can get wide tremendous backlinks through which they can get rank better and can have high traffic on their website

Add your own keywords

It provide users to add their own keywords which they wish to have high rank and also can come on rank.


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SpyFu Pros and Cons


  • It is a complete set of keywords search and management tool
  • Very smooth user experience
  • Monitors backlinks
  • Have deep PPC/CPC with paid advertising metrics
  • No limit of search results
  • It has very cheap price
  • Have the function to track ongoing site


  • Don’t have the capacity of crawling web-wide
  • For the novice user, ad metrics can be the little bit confusing
  • Some of the keywords are not related and manual research is important to do

Why should I use SpyFu?

Well if I want my website to grow fast and to come in rankings with most awesome keywords search then surely I would go for SpyFu because it provides excellent features to increase website traffic.

It very easily tracks backlinks and also provides unlimited search results. In fact, its pricing is attractive as anyone wants to go for PPC and Adwords then they can select SpyFu because they can get benefits.

It will completely help the user to give better ideas on how to improve advertising campaigns because it gets data from keyword planner. One more thing that it has surprised me about the money back guarantee of 30 days and here many users like me will surely want to go for this tool as it provides users an attractive feature which will help to make their website better than before. Furthermore, it also shows on how to rank on certain keywords and for that what backlinks you have to do.

SpyFu Alternatives

  • SEMrush
  • Serpstat
  • AdClarity
  • Keyword Spy
  • Keyword Bee
  • MarketMuse
  • K-meta
  • Raven Tools
  • WebCEO
  • BrightEdge


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Final Verdict

SpyFu is one of the well-designed SEO tools which has lots of features focused towards online marketing and digital advertising. This is a great benefit for new clients and one of the gaining ways in the clients perspective. It helps users to compare between sites and at the same time also provides suggestions about the most appreciated keywords.

It is really helpful in advertising industry because it provides to understand the possible companies and at the same time also understand media spend history in both PPC and SEO.

This is basically used within analytics department that aims on web analytics, search marketing and social media analysis. It has combat tool which is very much beneficial as it allows to see those keywords which have direct competitors and also helps you in avoiding wasting time on searching irrelevant keywords.