Social Jukebox Review- Learn How to Boost Social Media Engagement with Less Effort!

Social Jukebox factsHiring a social media manager OR going with a professional Social media management tool, which one is best?

It is one of the tricky questions and the answer is always based on the requirement and effectiveness. But tools are always preferred, as there are several advanced social media management software and services are available that are more effective than social media manager.  Some of the popular tools that offer social media management services are Home.Kred, Klout, DrumUp and more.

Here, in this review I, ll try to unwrap a famous tool Social Jukebox – a perfect way to manage all of the social media activities.

Social Jukebox is a virtual manager for your different social media platform, it allows you to add your content into a “jukebox” and schedule when and how often you want to post them over social media platforms.

With the help of Social Jukebox you can easily link to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  And in the future it’ll allow you to link to Instagram, Pinterest and other popular social media platforms.

It is an automated social media management tool through which you can easily load content into a “jukebox” and set when you want to share social media posts. It is also very simple to link with your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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What is a Jukebox?

First of all, it is necessary to know that what is Jukebox.

Social Jukebox

A jukebox is similar to a box where you place all of your content and have the freedom to select & share the content.

Every jukebox provides a sufficient space to store thousands of posts and set them up for posting.

Social Jukebox offers several features that allows user to posts or tweets over 100 times per day. Now it is very simple to schedule your post and manage other social media activities. Set different times for each day of the week.

And the most important thing about this tool is when the jukebox gets empty of tweets then it automatically starts posting and tweet over again. So you can say that it is completely automatic.


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Features of Social Jukebox

Targeted Posts

Targeted posts are the unique feature of that allows you to schedule certain posts for a campaign. You can target your important and trendy posts, and circulate them over social media platforms.

Auto Schedule

Now you don’t need to set a time for the tweet, simply set the number of times you want to tweet and the system will automatically do the rest. This is one of the wonderful features of this tool.


You can use the public libraries or collections of the tweets of others or add your own to the library. This is why Social Jukebox becomes popular.


With the help of this feature you can get the details about the accounts that interacted with you, the number links have been clicked and more stats about your social media post.

Browser Extension

It offers a browser extension to use this tool directly from your web browser. Add this extension and post “once and done” tweets without automation.

Upload / Download

This feature allows you to upload and download a series of tweets. So prepare an Excel sheet and simply upload them. It will save a lot of time and work.

“Thank you” tweets

It is one of the popular options that automates thank you tweets to find who have mentioned you. This independent software allows you to automatically thank up to 50 people every Friday for their interaction.


Pricing of Social Jukebox

This offers different pricing options for membership. They also offer a Free Membership which contains 2 Jukeboxes, 300 Stored Posts, 5 Targeted Posts, 1 Social Account, and 50 Branded Thank You Tweets, with a maximum of 5 Tweets every day and one Facebook or LinkedIn post per day.

Advanced (19.99/MONTH)

  • 10 Jukeboxes per account
  • 5000 Stored Posts per account
  • 50 Targeted Posts per account
  • Up to 3 Linked Social Accounts
  • 100 Customizable Thank You Tweets

Pro (29.99/MONTH)

  • 30 Jukeboxes per account
  • 10000 Stored Posts per account
  • 200 Targeted Posts per account
  • Up to 10 Linked Social Accounts
  • 100 Customizable Thank You Tweets

Business ($49.99/MONTH)

  • 100 Jukeboxes per account
  • 10000 Stored Posts per account
  • 500 Targeted Posts per account
  • Up to 50 Linked Social Accounts
  • 200 Customizable Thank You Tweets

Ultimate ($99.99/MONTH)

  • 200 Jukeboxes per account
  • 20000 Stored Posts per account
  • 1000 Targeted Posts per account
  • Up to 200 Linked Social Accounts
  • 500 Customizable Thank You Tweets


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Social Jukebox is designed for all types of users, if you don’t want to waste your time to run a successful social media campaign then this tool is perfect for you.

You don’t need to apply more effort as it is a completely automated social media management tool through which you can easily send out content whenever you want.

No matter whether you are publishing blog posts, quotes, links to products or practically anything over social media platform this tool will do this task more professionally.

If you are those who want to grow their social media network without having to be on social media every day then Social Jukebox is specially designed for you. It is recommended to first go with its free plan and if it suits you then subscribe to paid one.