Smartsheet Review – Learn How to Take Better Decisions, Faster

Smartsheet Review

Spreadsheets are the backbone of every successful business, without spreadsheet we can’t imagine a business as it helps us to manage and do a lot more than just budgeting.

The main motive behind discussing about the spreadsheet is to know about an advanced tool called Smartsheet. This teamwork software uses the familiar and flexible power of the spreadsheet for managing a project efficiently.

Smartsheet is based on the spreadsheet program; it is programmed to offer more than a project management software. You can use Smartsheet like any other spreadsheet application, but it also provides a lot of other attractive options that differentiate it from other programs like MS Excel.

It is a complete package of software, including advanced spreadsheets with the basic project management features, web forms and templates, and clever crowdsourcing capabilities.

Currently, more than 80,000 individual companies and 175 different countries employ Smartsheet in some capacity. The main reason of attraction to this tool is its inherent versatility. Smartsheet’s users include small businesses and start-ups, schools and universities, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and governmental agencies.

Along with English, Smartsheet is available in several other languages, such as: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian. If you want an advanced spreadsheet application in order to manage your projects efficiently then you should try Smartsheet once.

Smartsheet’s standardizes key project elements are able to boost the speed and enhance collaboration with options that perfect for individual work preferences. With the help of this application one can easily track all the projects and clear the visibility into team priorities, so you can’t miss the important activities while regular work operations.


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Smartsheet offers a cloud-based subscription model for the native mobile apps of Android and iOS, so users can finish their work from anywhere. This subscription is not limited to a fixed collaborator as it offers to work with multiple collaborators, so users can easily work on projects without worrying about the number of clients and colleagues.

Smartsheet is packed with pre-built integrations, some of the leading 3rd-party apps which are integrated with this tool are:

Google (Google Apps, Google Drive, Google Chrome, etc.), Box, Salesforce, DocuSign, Evernote, Harvest, Mailchimp, Marketo, AppsGuru, Jira, Zapier, 123ContactForm, Centrify, ClicData, Bitium, Klipfolio, Easy Insight, Okt, aOneLogin, Meldium, PingOne, Tools4Ever, Tableau, Microsoft Skype for Business, Trello


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Features of Smartsheet are:

  • Easy Collaboration: Collaborating with others is become very easy, via this tool you can invite anyone in the world no matter they are working in your company or not. To view and edit your sheets now you don’t need to send an entire sheet. Collaborators can get rows just as simply.


  • Autofill: This clever feature is added recently to Smartsheet, this option searches for patterns within sheets. Whenever a user adds a new row and tries to add data, Smartsheet finds at the formulas in nearby rows and automatically fills in new information.


  • Language Selections: User can use or view Smartsheet in English, Russian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Spanish or Italian. This is done by simply modifying language setting.


  • Effortless Attachments: Click on the paperclip icon present on your sheet and this will redirect you to an attachment menu. There is various option of attaching a Box files, Google Docs, URL or anything from your hard drive. Or you can simply drag-and-drop a file onto the attachment area.


  • Importing: Importing via this software is also very simple, if you want to import or transfer a file from another spreadsheet program to your new Smartsheet account then this task can be done within a few clicks.


  • Google Collaboration: No matter where you are and what is the time, you can start Smartsheet projects, update them, organize them, and edit your project from within the confines of Google Drive.


Smartsheet Pricing Plans

There are mainly 4 pricing packages offered by the Smartsheet, they are:

Individual Plan – $14/user/month (billed annually)

  • Email support
  • Unlimited free collaborators
  • 10 sheets
  • View/edit only reports
  • Mobile included

Team Plan – $15/user/month (billed annually)

  • Email + phone support
  • Unlimited free collaborators
  • Sheets – 50/user
  • Unlimited reports
  • Mobile included

Business Plan – $25/user/month (billed annually)

  • Email + phone support
  • Unlimited free collaborators
  • Sheets – 100/user
  • Unlimited reports
  • Mobile included

Enterprise Plan – customized (contact the vendor for a quote)

  • Email + phone support
  • Unlimited free collaborators
  • Unlimited sheets
  • Unlimited reports
  • Mobile included

NOTE: Smartsheet also offers a 30 days trial offer which is completely free.


Technical details of Smartsheet

  • Devices Supported – Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based
  • Language Support – USA, UK, Canada, International, Germany, Japan, Spain, France, Russia
  • Pricing Model– Monthly payment, Annual Subscription, Quote-based
  • Customer Types – Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business, Freelancers
  • Deployment – Cloud Hosted, Open API


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If you are technically intelligent and are already using any other spreadsheets to manage your work then Smartsheet will be both familiar and powerful.

But it is not recommended to buy this service instantly as it offers a 30 days trial period for their users. So, first you should use the 30 Days Trial Period of Smartsheet and after it decides what to do. After using 30 days you can easily take a decision that; Smartsheet is perfect for your company/work or not.