Smartlook A Visitor Screen Recording Tool- Review, Features, Pricing and More!

Smarklook ReviewWhat will happen if you become able to see how visitors look at your webPage or in simple words; what they see, where they click and how they spend their time on your website. If you get the information about the entire journey of your website visitors then you can easily improve your site, decrease bounce rate and generate leads with ease.  

Technology makes this tough thing possible, and now you can record your user activity, here make it clear that I’m not talking about the “vintage methods of visitors tracking” like where they came from, how much time they spend on the page and more.  But I’m trying to explain an advanced method to track your website visitors which includes the complete activity of the user along with the basic information.

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Here I’m reviewing about an advance website visitor recordings, heatmaps and customer journeys recorder i.e. Smartlook.

Smartlook provides perfect service for their client, I found this tool while searching for a perfect heatmap tool. I chatted with their executive “Lili” to know more about their company, she described me all the things like what service they provide, pricing and all. And the most important thing she told me that, service’s pricing or plans also include a FREE FOREVER plan and that time I decided to write a review about this magnificent service.

Now coming to the point, you can easily Filter your visitor and share the information with your team. This service is able to record the entire activity of the users, it records what visitors clicked with their mouse, what they entered into a form field, in which section they spend most of their time, and how they browse through every page.

Smartlook or is exclusively Free, it is an Unlimited Visitor Screen Recording and Session Replay Tool. This tool is able to capture every visitor activity, so you can watch them and make the difficult things normal in order to improve your website. Smartlook is one of the easiest ways to record the visitors’ screen. With the help of this tool one can;

  • Number of recordings/month: UNLIMITED
  • Number of websites recorded: UNLIMITED
  • AJAX, HTTPS supported: YES
  • Dynamic pages supported: YES
  • Pricing: FREE

I want to Visit Smartlook 

Some Eye Catching Features of Smartlook

Watch the entire activity of the visitors in a video

Simply play video and see the visitor’s activity on your website. Via this, you can find the bug or mistakes and solve them to improve your online business. This video show visitor’s mouse movement, where they clicked and how they deal with filling of forms.

Get the Visitor journey Log

Smartlook provides all the recordings of a visitor in one place. Through this, you can study more about the visitor’s behavior. For example: On Monday a visitor came to your website via Google and exit after browsing a few products. But on Wednesday they came back again via another source (say face book post) and finished the purchase.


This service is packed with an intelligent Heatmap technology.  See where your visitors click and how far they scroll down to the end of the page. But did they click the buttons that you want them to? Did they read the content you want them to read? This heatmaps will provide all the answers to your questions.

Filter visitors

If you want to see the report related to the visitors that matter your site then don’t worry as you can do this thing with the help of given filters. Use these filters and get the report about who was in the shopping basket, plan section or other important pages.

Share Information with your team

In case you want to share any important information or video recorded by this tool then it’s very simple. It provides a sharing option through which one can easily share the needed information with their team. If any bug issue appears on your website then simply send a link with the recording to your UX designer or developer, so they can see and solve them instantly.

One Account Multiple Websites

Yes, you can add more than one websites within a single account. So add the unlimited number of websites under your single Smartlook account and manage all of them at one place. This also allows you to get invites to access your clients’ accounts.

Tag your visitors

This feature will get rid of confusion about the users, as with the help of API and add customer’s name, email or other important information from your system. After it you can see customer info in Smartlook and easily know who is actually browsing your website.


  • Pageview Tracking
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Site Search Tracking
  • Time on Site Tracking
  • User Interaction Tracking
  • Unlimited users
  • API access
  • Recording ajax & single-page apps
  • Recording mobile devices

Some Unsupported Scenarios!

There are some unsupported scenarios that I’ve faced while using Smartlook. Some of the cases are given below:

  • If you are a free user and you reached to the limit of recordings for the current month. Then it will stop tracking your visitors.
  • If an unsupported web browser is used by the visitor then you will not get the data. (See the full list of supported browser and devices)
  • Visitors with disabled JavaScript web browser.
  • A visitor is using any plugin to block ads and scripts.
  • Smartlook doesn’t record visitors of the websites that are in test mode or localhost, restricted WebPages, intranet websites or websites located in private VPN networks.
  • The recording will be finished and appear to you after the 30 seconds of the visitor’s session.

Yes, I want to use Smartlook for Free


So the conclusion is; it is a really great tool if we excluded some of its limitations especially for free users. But if we talk about its overall performance then there is no other tool that competes Smartlook in any criteria.

That’s all about Smartlook, it’s always been a very great experience of writing a review on a wonderful tool/service. In future, I’ll find more outstanding services and tools like this one and share with you. So bookmark my review and keep logging to read about more tools.