Secrets of Using Visual Website Optimizer Tool For Testing and Optimizing Website

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What is Visual Website Optimizer?

Visual Website Optimizer is one of the best market leading testing and optimization tools that used to allow product managers, marketers and analysts to create A/B tests and the geo-behavioral targeting campaigns even without having any sort of HTML or technical issues.

This is easy to use A/B testing tools that can create different versions of their websites and landing web pages with the use of point-and-click editor and after that see which version produces maximum conversion rate or sales.

It also allows you to integrate with Google Analytics that creates several versions of the webpage in VMO and after that does the analysis of an A/B test in Google Analytics.

Visual Website Optimizer is a kind of flexible multivariate testing software and it has a number of some additional tools such as heatmaps, behavioral targeting, usability testing, etc.

This tool offers more than 100 features that can make you sure that all your conversion rate optimization activities are covered by the product. There are thousands of enterprises and small businesses that are using Visual Website Optimizer just for increasing website sales, landing page optimization and also improving conversion rates.

What Visual Website OptimizerOffers?

Apart from the testing capabilities, this tool offers you lots of resources to help you generate testing ideas and then keep the track of the latest trends in website optimization.

It offers split testing blog, which is just your one-stop point for the latest news and trends on A/B testing, conversion optimization, multivariate testing, etc. The developers of this tool have created over more than 100 case studies on what worked and what did not. This also offers you to mail their 24X7 support team.


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Features of Visual Website Optimizer


A/B testing

  • Best A/B Testing Tool: This tool has the ability to change the headline, image or even button or any other element in order to create multiple variations of the website. This tool will equally divide the website traffic among all the variations and then track which one works the best to track your website.



  • Multivariate Testing: This tool tests more than hundreds of changes at once. In this testing mode, this tool combines all the changes that make and generate resulting designs.


A/B testing

  • Split URL Testing: With this tool, you can split URL testing that allows you to distribute traffic to two different URLs of the same landing web page.

Build Campaigns Visually

point & click

  • Point-and-click: This tool can allow you to set up a campaign in child’s play. The intuitive interface makes the process incredibly quick and smooth.

no coding required

  • No Coding Required: With this tool, “What You See Is What You Get” editor empowers you to make changes on your website and the apps without any help of a coder or a designer. You can simply just drag, move and type and you will see how easy it is to modify the website and landing web page without any coding at all.

change page styling

  • Change Page Styling: You can also work on the design of the website apart from making simple changes to headlines and buttons. However, with this tool, you can also make some CSS changes such as font styles, background color and borders.

advanced html

  • HTML/JavaScript Changes: VWO does not limit you to only make some “visual” changes, however, it also enables web developers to make some more sophisticated changes with the use of advanced mode.


Derive Insights

  • Derive Insights: Visual Website Optimizer helps you to generate a report that tells you how the design of your website is performing against the goals being tracked. This tool also alerts you when any version is statistically better than the original.

Intuitive Reports

  • Intuitive Reports: This tool saves you the trouble of digging into data so that it makes the test trends understandable. The new savvy new dashboard used to show performance charts and graphs for each design and goal. This tool allows you to compare several designs to see which design is performing the best.


  • Track Revenue: It is quite obvious that you might be tracking multiple goals at a time but here what matters, in the end, is the revenue. So, you can easily setup campaigns at any step of the funnel and then Visual Website Optimizer will tell you exactly how they are affecting the bottom line.

Find Profitable Segments

  • Find Profitable Segments: You can slice your reports in order to extract deeper audience insights. In order to find hidden gems in your userbase, you can apply and custom segmentation parameters. There is no need to pre-specify segments, so just load up reports and segment on user groups, revenue, demographics and other parameters.



  • Heatmaps: Visual Website Optimizer used to come with an inbuilt heatmap tool that can track visitors’ click behavior and browsing habits. The functionality of this feature is quite useful in order to evaluate the usability of the website as it used to show where visitors are clicking and what areas of the site they are ignoring and why.


  • Click Analytics: The click analytics report will help you inform you which elements have been clicked and for how many times. It will also let you know how any small elements on your web pages can have all the clicks, while large ones hardly getting any attention.

no configuration

  • Fully Integrated Functionality: The heatmap and the click analytic tools are a part of the visual website optimizer suite and it does not require any extra configuration. These tools do not cost anything and so there is no need to tie-up with any another service provider.


Optimize Mobile Websites

  • Optimize Mobile Websites: You can use this tool to test, target and analyze your desktop, tablet, and mobile websites. The visual campaign builder helps you emulate the tablet and mobile experience so that it can help you how the changes exactly look on other devices.

Integrate With Your Analytics/CMS

  • Integrate With Your Analytics/CMS: It has becomes so easy to talk to your favorite tool. This tool can easily integrate with some popular analytics, phone systems, content management systems and shopping carts. The integration is just so simple, for this, you have to just click once or install just simple codes and that is all.


one time setup

  • One Time Setup: Visual Website Optimizer process is dead simple. All you need is to put the JavaScript code snippet on your website and then you can be assured of a lifetime of easy testing and personalization.

smart code

  • Smart Code: The developers of this tool made a deliberate decision to develop the own delivery infrastructure which is spread across 3 continents. This tool also helps you with an Asynchronous Smart Code which makes sure that your website never slows down.


Behavioral Targeting

  • Behavioral Targeting: With this tool, you can segment your website analytics and find which specific segments could be most profitable. After knowing, you can create and serve different versions of offers and content which are more relevant to specific target segments.

15+ Options For Targeting

  • 15+ Options For Targeting: If you need to get some ideas to get started with personalized marketing then this tool has a gallery of more than 15 segments that can help you a lot to target at the click of the button.

geo targeting

  • Geo-Targeting: With this features, you can target specific offers and campaigns to visitors from certain locations like state, city, country level targeting.


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Pros and Cons of Visual Website Optimizer


  • Includes other A/B testing
  • ‘idea factory’ option is excellent
  • All features costs monthly
  • Intuitive new user interface


  • Do not offer built-in multi-page testing functionality
  • Offers fewer real-time support options
  • Quite hard to create tests across pages with complicated URLs

Should I Use Visual Website Optimizer?

I personally believe that Visual Website Optimizer is quite affordable and this tool could easily set you back hundreds of dollars. It is quite simple to use. You can easily set up a heatmap in about 30 seconds flat.

This offers 24×7 customer supports. If any user finds any issue then finding the solution would be so easy by getting in contact with its customer support executives. It is the best mode of a survey. No other tool is better than Visual Website Optimizer as it offers you best way to test and optimize your website with an ease.


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Visual Website Optimizer is the best testing and optimizing tool. It includes a wide range of tests like a multivariate test, split test, usability test and A/B test and it also includes advanced geo testing, usability test, and navigation mapping as well.

This tool also offers full compatibility with various other user web navigation tools like Clicky Stats, Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, comScore Digital Analytics, Omniture Site Catalyst, Click Tale.

This tool also offers tracking services and reports that are quite effective in optimizing conversions. You can also view individual test reports and tools like test duration calculator, landing page analyzer.