Ora Review- A Detailed Review on Ora with all of its Hidden Facts

Ora ReviewManaging projects are very difficult especially when you have a large team to handle. In order to accomplish difficult projects efficiently, you should go with any project management tool. There are lots of project management tools are available in the market that will help you to keep-track of your project and your team.

Today we will discuss about another project management tool called- Ora

It is a cloud-based task and project management platform which provides a flexible platform and team workspace and command center.

This tool doesn’t have a fixed view, it provides several views for different types of projects and teams. So you don’t have to worry about the switching between apps. One can easily configure the software according to their convenience and project requirements.

Ora is famous because of its all-in-one real-time workspace for teams. If you want to make your team productive then you must go with Ora. This tool is not only limited to the Task management feature but along with this, Ora also offers kanban, time tracking, chat, reports on projects and team productivity features. It is very advanced and easy to use tool.

One can easily track time in Ora without the need of any extra knowledge. Share what you are currently doing with your entire team, and approximately when you are going accomplish the allotted task. You can also record the total time to complete a task for your future reference.

Via this tool, you can track your project completion time and record project activity as well. Its sharing features will make it more transparent through which you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary meetings and conversations.

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Its reporting option is really outstanding, you can generate beautiful reports on project, all tracked time for each member, or the entire organization.

You can also create a public roadmap for your users or clients to look your projects as observers. Ora is perfect for collaboration, if you want to make your project progress report visible for other which are not in your team then you can do this easily. Non-team members could preview, comment and vote on tasks in your project.

Task and Project Management

Ora is an advance task manager designed with an easy to understand interface and powerful features. Start with a simple task list and transform in to a Kanban board. This will help you to track your important tasks and to-dos along with the cards and also manage the progress through the workflow.

These cards can contain subtasks, attachments, assignee, pending dates, labels, milestones and task relations and more. Another feature called ‘My Tasks view’ organizes all tasks assigned to that particular user, OR you can also assign the task to an outsider.

It also supports several bulk actions such as multiple selects and powerful search


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Time-tracking and Collaboration

Via this tool one can easily keep track of their tasks and other small or big activities, this will make your team updated on the same page of every project. You can also use this feature for issue tracking, providing information on how much time is spent to fix a particular issue etc. Cards contain comments, @mentions and notifications for smooth and clear communication within the team members. Card importing facility from Trello is a quite simple task, you will also get notified or receives alerts from Slack.


Few of its attractive Features are:

List view

A list view contains the collection of cards/tasks. You can create a number of lists required in your project. Some of its examples are: list of your pending task, a shopping list, a list of bugs and more.

Kanban board

A Kanban board contains your entire list created for a project or you can call it a list of lists. You and your team members can easily drag and drop the list.

Card Details

All the insights you require will be served to you and your team in an attractive beautiful detail. It supports attachments, markdown, comments, @mentions, tracking time, checklists, due dates and many other important things which are necessary to keep everybody well informed.

Upcoming features

Ora is fresh and in its initial stage, but in future, you can access several other, some of the important features which will soon be included in Ora are: active syncs, team chats, 3rd party integrations, mobile and desktop apps, and more.


Pricing of ORA Project Manager


  • Unlimited projects, tasks,
  • comments, attachments
  • Max file size 10mb
  • Basic add-ons
  • No observers


  • Everything from Basic
  • Task relationships, List actions,
  • Recurring tasks and more…
  • max file size 100mb
  • 10 free observers
  • 30 days free trial


  • Everything from Startup
  • Max file size 250mb
  • No limit for max members
  • Unlimited free observers
  • 30 days free trial


  • Everything from Professional
  • Single Sign On
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • File encryption


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That’s all about Ora, if you are interested and want to use this tool to manage your product then you can go with its free of cost offer. Ora’s basic plan is completely free and all other paid plan come with 30 days trial.

So testing this advanced but new technology is not chargeable, either go with its basic free plan or choose its 30 days trial period.

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