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About NewsCred

The Internet is littered with people who talk anything and everything without knowing what they are talking about. Common sense and critical understanding is what differs people and separate the junk from legitimate articles but even the most highly-regarded publications have been infiltrated by reporters.NewsCred is an international start-up from Geneva and Stockholm which is trying to eliminate this problem by assigning a credibility rating to every available famous big-name publisher, author and story.

It behaves more like a mix between a news aggregator and Digg. Users can have the option to pick from various news sources to customize their main feed, or sort sources accordingly by creditability. The trustworthiness of each article, author and publication is rated by users either by choosing “Credit” or “Discredit” for the author or article itself.

NewsCred helps marketers to strong content that will be loved by people, shared and inculcate in their daily being. It helps to manage complete online marketing workflows by utilizing advanced collaboration tools. NewsCred helps to create user permissions, teams, content queues and even manage freelancers, contracts, payment and clients.

With NewsCred one can plan ahead an intuitive calendar, schedule content and set goals (publishing), receive alerts when you’re not publishing enough. Organize content that you own, earn, license and socialize. Tag and index all of your assets within a single library without taking any sort of pestering.   

What does it offer?

  • Create marketing content
  • Marketing analytics
  • Complete client dashboard
  • Create multiple users
  • Editorial calendar
  • Workflow management
  • Marketing asset management
  • Content recommendations
  • Scheduled multi-channel publishing
  • Core analytics
  • Access to the NewsRoom (add-on)
  • Paid Distribution (add-on)
  • Access to Getty Royalty-Free Images
  • 24/7 support availability
  • Hosted lead capture forms
  • Advanced analytics
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Full digital asset management
  • Email marketing
  • Onsite training program (add-on)


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Features of NewsCred

Create Marketing Content/Marketing Analytics

The content-centric analytics of NewsCred measures your content performance on your website, blog, email or social. It provides clarity on the provision for giving you content consumption and clarity enabling you to increase campaign performance

Complete client dashboard

New sleek interface for clients gives them the freedom to manage and view the progress of their online marketing campaigns. Updates and improvements will be visible up to the full spectrum of their digital marketing.  The dashboard will give clients a full view of their data across numerous categories.

Create multiple users

Now make multiple users with NewsCred and avail all the facilities of enhancing your content distribution. Creating multiple users help in better managing your dashboard, its content, pages etc.

Editorial calendar

The editorial calendar is the heart of the Content Marketing Cloud. It is the main important central location where your team can see the necessary steps are to be done on a daily basis. Complete transparency helps to create events that will make events, making team and other members aware about the content that has to be posted or is scheduled.

Workflow management

The task functionality of NewCred is aimed at scheduling organizing and sharing responsibilities among users helping to smoothen work with a better workflow management. Marketing asset management

Content recommendations

NewsCred provides custom quality content from the exclusive network of creators, licensed content from 5,000 sources, and user-generated content from millions of loyal fans.

Scheduled multi-channel publishing

Simplify and scale your entire marketing process on a single software platform.  Planned, scheduled, and deployed at optimal moments aligned to your overall brand strategy, is ensured by scheduled multi-channel publishing.

 Core analytics

NewsCred distributes itself with the best analytics at its core help users to enhance and increase their credibility.


Access to the NewsRoom (add-on)

Joining the NewsRoom means getting global exposure and recognition.  Published by brands like Pepsi, Visa and more. And, your work will appear alongside world-class publishers like the New York Times, The Economist, Bloomberg, Forbes and Fast Company

Advanced analytics

NewsCred is one network of one-of-a-kind. It has quality over quantity – less than 500 of the most respected freelance journalists and writers are connected with NewsCred that exclusivity allows you to foster long-term, meaningful relationships with brands.

Its other features being 24/7 availability, free images support email marketing, account manager, and onsite training program.

NewsCred Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Useful functions
  • Great customer service


  • Too basic features have been incorporated.
  • Less functionality of this tool makes it limited.
  • Unorganized tool makes it sometimes cumbersome.
  • Fails to take into account the nature of breaking news.

Should I use this Tool?

NewsCred enables brands to easily manage content creation, distribution, and measurement – across channels, teams, and global markets – all on a single platform. Simplifying and scaling your marketing process is the best feature of NewsCred that gives you fully fledged wings to survive in the content competition.  It offers the largest content marketplace bringing you the best, original, user-generated content. Paired with optimized content production and editing tools, it makes it easy to create content with a larger and broader distribution.


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Managing content, its creation, distribution, and measurement, NewsCred has all the abilities that enables brands to easily distribute across channels, teams, and global markets – all on a single platform. Simplify and scale your entire marketing process on a single software platform.

All communications are planned, scheduled, deployed and ensured by Cross-channel management ability at the optimal moments aligned to your overall brand strategy. The largest content marketplace-NewsCred, bringing you the highest quality licensed, original, and user-generated content. Content production and editing tools that NewsCred has makes it easy to create content at scale.