MyEmma [Complete Review] – Know Everything About This Email Marketing Tool


Thinking of advertising your business through email marketing tool but not getting the perfect tool for this purpose? Well, this is a big question today that arises in everyone’s mind but don’t get the perfect solution for this. But, now you have to don’t worry at all as I am going to introduce a new email marketing tool today that will actually help you to promote your business.

So, just site calmly and get the complete information about that ultimate tool. The name of the toll that I am going to introduce today is MyEmma Email Marketing Tool. Yes, this is the name of the solutions that will no more stop your business to expand more.

About MyEmma Email Marketing Tool

MyEmma Email Marketing Tool is a special tool that allows you to perform several options that helps your business to become popular and successful. This tool makes it very easy to create beautifully designed emails that used to drive best results for your business. With this tool, you will get the best email strategy so that you can get more Return On Investment (ROI) from your marketing efforts. You can create visual designs by simply choosing the downloadable options to customize your email brand. This tool will help you track your visual optimized email campaigns with an ease. This is very easy to create your own email newsletter designs. You can use a drag and drop interface.

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What it Offers?

MyEmma Email marketing tool is a special tool that offers unlimited image hosting space. This space is more than the industry benchmark of 5 to 10MB. They sued to allow their customers to edit their own custom designs. Also, they offer over 100 different templates which are quite flexible and also allow up to three columns. One can also edit and replace the images on the templates. You will get a drag and drop option here and WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit your email campaigns easily. You will also find social media tools that will help you reach a wider audience. So, you can easily integrate your email marketing campaigns with your social media account and also several other existing websites that you own.

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Features of MyEmma Email Marketing Tool

Some of the basic features of MyEmma tool are as follows:


You can now create targeted workflows based on any action that your audience takes – inside as well as outside the inbox.

  • Create Targeted Campaigns Based on Customer Behavior: MyEmma used to convert customers data into an automated email that is super relevant and time-consuming.
  • Deliver the Perfect Follow-up Email: With the help of MyEmma’s branching logic, it becomes the catalysts for the next campaigns whether or not the user open an email or even click a link.


  • An Easier Way to Segment: With its great features, you can unlock your data and power more targeted email and the most intuitive segment builder in the game.
  • Dynamic Content: Countless Possibilities, One Email: Dynamic content allows you to deliver unique content to each subscriber. It is quite ultimate personalization at scale.

A/B Testing

A/B testing content variables – images, content length placements, subject lines, CTAs and more with a very small %age of your audience. And then, send the winner to the rest of your list.

Landing Pages

With its great features, you can now build great landing pages easily as you generally make an email with drag and drop editor. You can now publish them in a single click. There is no need of external teams and development time.

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  • Code Your Own HTML: You can use your own template builder and Litmus Inbox Preview to test, design and even send custom HTML emails that actually fits your style and also look great in your inbox.
  • Drag And Drop Editor: The creators of this tool used to keep you focused on great content, not waist deep in documentation. They are quite funny to use as well.


With the forms feature of MyEmma, you can grow a quality email list faster.  Lightbox forms allow you to select the right time to ask for an email address. You can decide when, where and after which action you would like them to display and then you can display and build your audience.


With the help of MyEmma’s one-of-a-kind feature, it response results tell your subscribers and give you clear next steps. And they are quite easy to apply.

  • Response Dashboard: MyEmma’s insightful, precise reporting helps you learn about your audience and also help use your own data to get better results whenever you send an email.
  • Mailing Score: A new metric has been created to make it easier to view email performance at a glance, benchmark against past mailing and also share your results.
  • Click Map: Here, you will get to know where people are clicking within the context of your actual email so that you can see what content works best for you.

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  • Get Results Instantly with Metric: This free mobile app will watch your response metrics roll in and compare campaigns on a leaderboard. Also, it will share your results with your team.
  • Build Your Email List From Anywhere with Emma Guestbook: The MyEmma’s guestbook allows you to collect email subscribers easily in style also even when you are not online.


MyEmma partners will be the best apps in the business to make sure that whenever your data lives, one can easily use it to power highly targeted campaigns that get results.

MyEmma Pros:

  • It offers unlimited picture hosting
  • It offers flexible and easy to use templates
  • Allows you to use email editor option
  • Offers incredibly flexible templates
  • All-time customer support
  • It offers Google Analytics integration

MyEmma Cons

  • You cannot get live chat option

MyEmma Pricing

The packages of MyEmma are designed to fit your marketing goals. Below you can see the pricing option of the MyEmma Email Marketing Tool.

Plan 1: PRO – This is for small businesses that are ready to do smarter email marketing. This plan costs $89/month.

Plan 2: +PLUS – This plan is for high-performing marketers who look for next-level email capabilities. This plan costs $369/month.

Plan 3: ENTERPRISE – This plan is for sophisticated marketing teams who want it all. This plan costs $729/month.

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After going through this complete review of MyEmma email marketing tool, you must have observed how beneficial it is for your business. So, if you are looking for an email marketing tool then I think choosing this tool is a good choice.

However, apart from, there are also several other email marketing tools that can help you perform the same job. Some other tools are like Elastic Email, Campaigner, Mailjet, ConvertKit, SendinBlue and more.