Majestic SEO Review: The Most Innovative link Research Tool

majestic seo

What Is Majestic SEO?

Majestic is a commercial offshoot from Majestic-12 Ltd, a UK-based company founded in 2004. This does not offer SEO services but offers the link intelligence and domain metrics for informing and empowering internet marketing professionals and Search engine optimizers.

This proved to be best to find out how all the websites on the internet is linked to each other with the largest Link Intelligence Database and Domain Metrics for informing and authorizing Internet marketing professionals and Search engine optimizers.

This provides the detailed information about each and every point of the website.  Mainly, this is backlink analysis platform and an online analytical program for offering finest commercial intelligence databases for different progressing enterprises.

I put together this review that helps you dive deeper into every aspect of the Majestic SEO features. Here you get everything you need to know. So, if you want to position your website on the top rankings, you’ll learn a lot from this review. Be the first to have benefited from it!!

What it Offers?

Majestic marketing search engine offers best and handy tools that provide various benefits to the users. Here has a look:

  1. Site Explorer
  2. Backlink History Checker
  3. Compare Tool
  4. Search Explorer
  5. Standard and Advanced Reports
  6. Clique Hunter
  7. Webmaster Tools
  8. Majestic Million
  9. URL Submitter
  10. Keyword Checker
  11. Backlink History
  12. Neighborhood Checker
  13. Link Profile Fight
  14. Majestic Widgets

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Features in Details:

Site ExplorerSite Explorer: This is the best majestic tool that helps the user by investigating domain or URL in complete detail.

Backlink History CheckerBacklink History Checker: This tool allows the optimizer for determining the number of backlinks detected by the sophisticated web robots for the given domains, URL or blogs.

Compare ToolCompare Tool: This tool is just like its name. This helps to compare headline stats for at least 5 different domains.

Search ExplorerSearch Explorer: Like the other majestic SEO tools this is also very useful tool. With the help of this user can search their index for a keyword or more and can also see the page title and URL where it appears and also gets the Search score for the URL.

Standard and Advanced ReportsStandard and Advanced Reports: This handy tool helps to create advanced reports and standard reports for the domains/URL. The user can get the entire details just by uploading a zero size file to the root directory of a domain from the “My Reports” screen.

Clique HunterClique Hunter: This unique tool provides the entire “cliques” that link to a list of domains. And also full information about these cliques is provided to the users.

webmaster toolWebmaster Tools: This majestic SEO tool helps in authenticating the ownership of the domains given by the user and also allows the users to see comprehensive information for the verified sites.

Majestic MillionMajestic Million:  This tool is the best one on the million domains on the web and this is updated frequently. With the Majestic Million tool, a user can discover the top one million domains on the internet.

URL SubmitterURL Submitter: This is one of the most requested features of the majestic. This latest tool allows the user to request their crawler to visit any URL and also help to improve their crawler and reporting. The most awesome thing about this feature is that the free account holder can add up to 100 URL’s each day. In other words, this crawls the pages and indexed those faster just in hours, not in days.

keyword checkerKeyword Checker: Majestic’s keyword checker tool, mainly reintroduces those features that permit the ability of the SEOs to explore how many WebPages are making use of the particular keyword phrase in the anchor text or title of an URL or domain. The user can also see how many times the keyword or phrase appears and also gets the Search volume for each and every keyword.

Backlink HistoryBacklink History: This great tool allows the search engine optimizers to conclude the numbers of backlinks analyzed by the web robots for the provided domains, subdomains or URLs. This also provides the recent history of the last 3 months of backlinks and referring domains

Neighbourhood CheckerNeighbourhood Checker: This great tool either accept a domain or an IP address. Users can also select fresh or historical data. This majestic tool is just like its name as this presents a list of “neighbours” technically the sites hosted on the same IP or subnet so that user can get the better idea of potentially dangerous co-hosted sites.

Link Profile FightLink Profile Fight: This is an ultimate tool that compares the backlink profiles of two sites graphically with the most advanced link profile “Fight” tool.

Majestic WidgetsMajestic Widgets: This majestic tool has created a set plug-in that works in either Internet Explorer or Firefox. This is listed in Majestic SEO as one of the search engines so that the user can simply select it and go to the Site Explorer page for a site.

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Should I Use this Tool?

Well, there are many reasons behind using the majestic tool. Here know why this is worth to choose this tool for analyzing backlinks:

1)    For examine a client for a pitch

Majestic is best as this research the clients and their competitors. This explores deep into the historic press coverage, identify partners, active bloggers within the business and it can motivate the entirely new direction of creative thinking.

2)    Building media lists based on trust

Majestic SEO is a trustworthy tool. This is best as this provides legal results to the users and its tool prove to be best in it.

 3)    Finding new outreach goals

Using Majestic tools is awesome as this helps the optimizers to find significant blogs, partner sites and media titles to target for coverage and links. Running a Majestic report is a detailed way to develop a media list and this also throws up lots of surprising results that other competitor searches generally not.

4)    Duplicating competitors link profile

A client is outranked by a competitor just because they have better quality link profile and like every SEO majestic identify those links and helps the users to target those sites with content. With this, we can better our profile to assure that the website’s visibility is maximized.

5)    For estimating a PR campaign

Majestic is a great tool for estimation. Generally, we use Google Analytics for measuring our PR but it is not always possible. The Majestic’s citation and trust metrics are best for analyzing this.

Pros and Cons of Majestic SEO


  • Easy to use interface
  • A summary of entire required information for a link building strategy is available
  • Broad array of backlink indexing
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Deep crawling capability.


  • Complicated while comparing backlinks to competitor sites
  • Require plenty of time for data analyzing to get the most out of the tool
  • Some charts are difficult to read/interpret
  • Custom Majestic metrics is confusing.
  • Some of the information is not instinctive based on the labels

Yes, I Want to Use Majestic SEO Officials

Final Words:

Finally, it is being estimated that Majestic SEO is a trustworthy tool as it enables full web categorization. This is one of the best tools for analyzing link and user can rely on it for recognizing key backlinks for their own website as well as the competitors. So, it is clearly stated that it is the great tool for backlink and website traffic analysis.