Kuku.io– An Automatic Way to Manage all of your Social Media Accounts and Pages

Kuku.io review“Social Media”, a new world where 90% of young people are active (a report by Business 2 Community) and a majority of them use social media while selecting any business solutions.

So we can say that we can’t ignore social media platforms while promoting our business. Literally, all of the social media channels opened various pathways for businesses to endorse their services.

There are many social media platforms are available which can help you to grow your business by boosting the reach and conversion. But when it comes to promoting any brand via social media then it becomes very difficult as you need to do several things like publishing content, managing conversations, messages, comments, notifications, followers, and more.

So, in order to run an effective social media marketing and reach to your niche audience, you should go with a professional Social media management tool. There are various tools are available through which you can manage your social media activities effectively, some popular tools are: eClincher, SMhack, Ninja Outreach, Home.Kred and more.

In this blog, we will discuss another social media management tool “Kuku.IO”, it is the very popular social media management tool. The Kuku.io is packed with lots of advanced features through which you can manage all of your social media activities efficiently and with minimum effort.

This service supports many of the social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, vkontakte and much more. Because of its large integration, this becomes very popular among the online marketers. It is very friendly and packed with an organized interface.

Via its advance functionality post creation becomes very easy, it’s easy to understand analytics is very powerful.

Time scheduling is also perfect for all types of business.

KUKU.io is an easy to use social media management application that allows you to boost up your social media management. With the help of KUKU.io, you can easily create content, share and publish it over multiple social media networks at once (save your precious time).

So, we can say that it is the way through which you can reach to your audience effortlessly. Some of its advanced features will help you to change your social media appearance, makeover your social profile, group or page into a powerful marketing tool.

If you have a business and want to boost audience reach then you must go with this tool and reach to the peoples that come to your business niche. It is compatible with all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and OK.ru.


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Features of KUKU.io

Easy to Sign Up
Sign up to Kuku.IO is very easy, simply visit the official site and sign up. You can sign up via email or using any of the social media accounts. After signing up confirm to your email address and setup password.

Linking Social Accounts
After signup process, you need to connect your social media account which you want to manage. You can connect with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, VK.com, OK.ru, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and Reddit.

Effective Scheduling and Posting
If you have more than one accounts on a single social media platform then it becomes a hurdle to manage all of them and keep your followers updated. With the help of this tool, you can easily post and Schedule directly by using ‘Publish’ or ‘schedule’ option.

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Advanced Analytics
This tool is packed with a detailed and easy to understand analytics. Its detailed analytics data are very helpful for quick updates and suggestive analytics. You can easily monitor your progress via visual aids and see a clear graph of user engagement. All the things can be directly monitored; one can see the number of posts, time of posting, engaging posts, and engagement by social networks, etc.

Posts Left
This option allows you to see the number of posts that you can manage via Kuku.IO. Here you can keep eyes on your engagement frequency and overall social media activity.

Post Status
This tool is not based on the post and forget model, as after posting you can view the progress. Check the post’s status and view the posts that have been published, scheduled to publish, and not posted due to errors.

Manage Channels
You can easily manage channels via choosing profiles for channel and posting schedule. A specific channel for your business will help you to boost the conversion rate, this option is provided by some limited tools.

Kuku.io Pros

  • Very organized interface
  • Easy-to-use posting,
  • Analytics are easy to understand
  • Able to manage content plan as a team
  • Easy to manage your business channel.
  • It provides referral bonuses in the form of coupons.

Kuku.io Cons

  • Instagram not supported
  • Lack of API
  • Mobile app not supported


  Yes I’m Impressed, take me to Kuku.io’s Official Website 



Kuku.IO is completely different from all the other social media management tools. As all the features provided by this tool are beyond the limit. A large number of integrations is supported, so you can spread your business effortlessly.

You can manage all your social media channels very efficiently, and at a very low price. The tool is perfect for small and medium businesses, and one can effortlessly run their social media campaign.

If you are unable to take the decision then go with this tool or if not able then it is my personal recommendation, that first go with its Free 14 days trial. And after using trial period you will see that your decision will become more clear.