Hoverowl – An Advance Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tool

Hoverowl review

There are lots of controversies (privacy issue) related to the Visitor recording and session replay tools, but due to its perfectness and ability to provide deep insights, it becomes very popular among the online marketers and website owners. To know more about this topic you can go through “Secrets of Using Visual Website Optimizer Tool For Testing and Optimizing Website

If you want to know “How your visitors interact to your website?” then you should learn more about this kind of tools.  A Visitor recording and session replay tool is the way through which you can record visitors activities on your website like where they click, scroll, a rout of navigating across different web pages and many more things.

There are lots of heatmap and visitors tracking tools are available in the market HotJar, Crazy Egg, Mouseflow and more.

In this review blog, you will learn about another visitor recording and session reply tool “Hoverowl”. If you also want to track your visitor’s activities in order to make your website more user-friendly, improve clicks and conversion rate then you should read this deep review of “Hoverowl”.

Hoverowl is an advanced tool that able to record and analysis visitor recordings, it is also packed with heatmap analyses and website mouse tracking. All of these features will allow you to optimize web pages and app features.

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A unique and attractive feature of this tool is its visitor timeline that provides deep insight about the users such as the visitor’s source, location and time on the website.

This popular visitor recordings and user behavior tracking tool provides all the information about the users of your website like where they came, clicks, navigates and more.

So, its useful features like deep user analytics, heatmaps, and visitor recordings, you can easily boost your conversion rate and return on investment (ROI).

However, list of tools integrated with this heatmap tracking tool is small. It is integrated to Lander App, Unbounce, and PageWiz.

The Lander App integration allows user to track and analyze the performance of all landing pages.

Connect Hoverowl with your Unbounce account and easily publish, analyze & test your landing pages.

The PageWiz is another hoverowl integration, which provides lots of built-in templates to boost conversion rate.

You can go with HoverOwl’s FREE 14-day trials offer and after the trial period you can easily decide either this tool is perfect for you or not.

If all ok, then pick one from their 4 plans (Snowy Owl, Great Grey Owl, Wise Owl and Enterprise Owl).

Hoverowl Pros

  • Packed with real time online visitor interactions.
  • Individual visitor sessions.
  • Easy to find visitors dropping off.
  • It finds and reproduce bugs to boost the user experience.
  • Conversion optimization
  • Usability tools

Hoverowl Cons

  • Very small list of integration
  • Lack of application of Apps for Android and iPhone
  • HoverOwl also doesn’t packed with analytics feature


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Features of HoverOwl:

  • Through HoverOwl you can get a complete report of your users’ activities, reports are very deep and useful for your website.
  • HoverOwl’s web analytics feature will help you to increase your sales and conversions.
  • Visitor timeline, that allow you to deeply understand who your users are, location, devices used by them while browsing your website, time they spend on each page and more.
  • This tool is also packed with the real time reporting, so you can track your visitors on real time and see their activities as they occur.
  • Additionally, you can also playback all of the recorded screencasts whenever you want.
  • As we know that, HoverOwl provides video recordings of your visitors so you can accurately see each and every action taken by them.
  • This tool is very powerfull and programmed with advance algorithm so you don’t need to worry about how many users you have on your website.
  • Able to track both system and mobile visitors, so you can easily interact with your website without worrying about what device your visitors come from.
  • If you are a blogger or publishing content on daily basis then you can watch which content pieces your visitors interact with the most and which blog post they lose attention.
  • Do any type of modifications over CTA buttons or other types of calls-to-action included on your product pages or within your content. Through this you can easily track the performance after doing changing.
  • This tool provides you a built-in website usability tools that allow you to track the user activities and interactions.
  • Conversion funnels feature of HoverOwl will display you the whole journey of your users from the entry page to the page where they finishes a certain action.

Alternatives of HoverOwl

  • js
  • SimpleHeatmaps
  • Qlucore Omics Explorer
  • com
  • Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps

Yes, I want to Go with Hoverowl’s 14 Days Trial


According to me, HoverOwl is a perfect for all types of online business, and ideal for everyone. No matter you are running a personal blogger or operating a website of any large corporations.

Since, this tool is packed with all important features through which you can easily track your visitors. Its planning option is very flexible, you can go through with its 14 days trial period OR its basic plan (Snowy Owl). Its basic plan contains all of necessary features.

HoverOwl is an extremely reasonably priced and inclusive solution to track user interaction on different kinds of websites such as blogs, E-commerce stores, corporate websites and more.

Because of its feature-packed plans and very affordable pricings, HoverOwl can be considered as cost effective tool to boost and perk up conversions, sales and ROI.