Home.Kred- Advanced Way To Plan Smarter And Engage Faster With Million Customers

Home.Kred- Advanced Way To Plan Smarter

Home.Kred is relatively new and rather than measuring users on scores, ranks according to the ‘outreach level’. Kred provides a breakdown of your activity and updates your Kred score in real-time, rather than daily.

Additionally, kred allows the user to add offline ‘real world achievements’ that adds points to your score depending on factors like, size of the company, timescale, and certificates. Along with, that kred also uses a +Kred system to reward your peers.

This tool places users in communities based on twitter bios, the hashtags, and keywords from users posts. Each community receives a kred score and Kred users that have shown particular leadership in their community are named ‘Kred Leaders’. Kred markets to brands by providing them with a list of Twitter users who are most influential in these communities. Besides that, it helps users to display real-time streams of the data they aggregate their data engines.

By displaying massive real-time streams of the data they aggregate their data engines. It’s like a visual buffet of everything you have tweeted posted to Facebook etc. it shows your re-tweets in different topics. In addition to influence, it also measures outreach which is an interesting and important metric.

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Features of Home.Kred:

Engagement Profile

  • Kred is a dynamic platform for online influence.
  • Showcase and elevate your online influence by upgrading your Home.Kred Influencer address to all new Engagement Profile.
  • Its dynamic newsfeed and customizable widgets allow you to handle complete control.
  • Showcase your score, photos, videos and much more and engage other Influencers.

Showcase your score, photo, and video: first impression count

Drag and drop: users have the option to choose from 150 customizable widgets

Engage with your influencer newsfeed

Enjoy content from kred’s network influencers:

Be found:

Track who views your profile and connect with them

Connect your website and social handles

Be approachable and let others instantly follow you

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Share price:

Exhibit your .kred share price and drive people to your social missions
Engagement Center

  • Mange and interact with your contacts
  • Import, find, filter and take action with other influencers in the engagement center. Instantly add contacts from connected social handles or easily upload a list.
  • Follow, connect, email or reward them with +Kred and start the conversion.

Instantly Access Your Contacts

One can easily access friends, followers, and connections all in one place.

Upload lists:

With this feature, user can upload mailing list or LinkedIn contacts.

Find by email:

You have the option to Build full contact card starting with just an email.

Instantly Matches Contact Info:

  • Matches the social handles, contact details and many more.
  • Engage your community:
  • Follows, connect, email or reward them with +Kred

Pros and cons of Home.Kred


Besides the influence score, kred also display an outreach score. A high number here means the person frequently engages with the work of others by sharing, replying or following new accounts. If you are looking for proper guidance on how to engage over social media, then this will help you a lot.

Looking at your own influence , you should find many more data points on the Kred dashboard, including a count of social media mentions, a 30 days follower graph and a list of communities you influence.


Kred offers so many data points the dashboard can be overwhelming. It offers a solid overview of a person’s social media influence, but might not be that much helpful if you are looking to a network with a leader in your field as the Top influencer reports aren’t always completely exact.

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Should I use this?

 As the host of daily interactive series, my online influence is crucial to my business.  That’s why I always use kred. Now with this amazing social media management tool my influence has evolved my identity and network. As, kred award points when another person interacts with your content. The more influential the connection, the higher the points is.