GAIN Review- Best Way to Manage Your Social Media Approvals Automatically

GAIN Review- Best Way to Manage Your Social Media Approvals Automatically

Nowadays everyone wants their work to be simpler and it should reach to their users or customers without any difficulty. But question is how? Nobody wants to work hard but just want to manage all the essential workflow from one place.

In this context, GAIN app can be useful. This is a kind of social media management that automate social media approvals in easy way. With help of GAIN      , now social publishing workflow becomes easy for all social media managers, agencies and anyone who is working in teams.

Using GAIN app, there is no need of emails or spreadsheets, only it requires a defined approval workflow and there GAIN works on its own.

Even you don’t have to notify anything to your team members, it will automatically inform each team member, stakeholder or clients at the time of their content review.

It works in every field and can handle every workflow starting from simple, multi-team and one-person approvals to complex.

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Its not just for Social Media

With the help of GAIN, now its easy to collaborate and approve beautiful assets in any format you want which include:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn content
  • Word and powerpoint files
  •  PDF files
  • Plain text and image files
  • Photoshop & illustrator files

Best Content Planner and Scheduler

Now with the help of GAIN, you can plan your content, schedule them from a particular place and also can share those with your client, hence it is also known as better social media calendar. Apart from these, some other features are:

  • Used easily with 30 days view and have drag and drop option
  • The tags of content allow you to categorize and find the content in any way
  • With calendar, anything you can plan like marketing efforts, holidays, campaigns and many more
  • Even clients if want can provide feedback on calendar

Provides awesome preview and videos

If you are still editing and looking it how it looks then now its all over. With GAIN app creator, you can see how your content look and also can edit it.

  • Clear preview for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • It supports popular social formats like photos, videos, link, album, animated gif and even facebook carousal
  • It supports full video that can be experience in social networking sites

Clients can approve from anywhere without any password

GAIN works effectively and automates your client interaction on the content that your team creates. And clients also love them because:

  • They can approve the content from anywhere on any device and good thing is that no password is required.
  • Can access real-time calendar and visual with all brand content
  • They can share their feedback and can discuss with you about the full history

Allows printing it out & exporting it

Whatever data you have, all is yours and now its your choice whether you want to print it out for clients or want to export every data to use in some other platforms.

  • Can export to CSV to use in other software like Excel or can import to other platforms like Hootsuite
  • Can export to PDF with awesome and crystal-clear preview of content

How it works

Easily manage and approve content

Manage your workflow and saves time

After using GAIN, you can know that it works almost similar to traffic manager, which reminds people at right time, collect all feedbacks from clients along with stakeholders and works up to last until nothing is left to approve.

  • For stakeholders, they can approve or request for revisions
  • Post approval, GAIN schedules and publishes content in social networking sites automatically

Works as simple and powerful

Administer approvals of clients

There is no need of spreadsheets or emails, GAIN manages everything and it works as a record for approval of client. This can save time and you will be loved by clients.

Handle internal approvals

Not only clients approval are collected or approved but it can collect approval from anyone, even inside own agency or from marketing team. This is because GAIN works as a full collaboration tool for complete team.

Infinite rounds approval

There is no limit for any approval and due to this, you can add as many approval level you require with unlimited number of people. GAIN works effectively in managing all these automatically

Don’t have similar approval types

There are specifically approval rounds where several people must get approved or even sometimes a single person is also enough for approval. It completely shows its flexibility.

Automatic workflow

Once the current round is approved, GAIN moves to the next approval round automatically. And after everything gets approved, GAIN schedule and publish content to all social networking sites automatically.

Everything is approved instantly

Approval with one-click

With only one click on link that clients get on their email are ready to approve. And best thing is there is no need to download an app or use a password

Approvals with mobile

Stakeholders can approve from anywhere because the approval interface is great on any device. And it means a faster turnaround time

Make a team on content and check who did what

Content history

With GAIN, you can see the complete history of content and have a permanent log for every action, approval or even for comment. Everything is archived forever.

Content planning

Now you can share all notes and feedback with your team and even with your client. You can also go back to see history any time.


It provides 30 days free trial period and no credit card required


GAIN is only- $20 per user per month

  • Unlimited Social Accounts
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited File, Image, and Video storage
  • Unlimited internal and external approval rounds
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Fanatical support


GAIN helps large teams simplify their content workflow process.

  • All standard features +
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Extended Support
  • Onboarding and Training Services
  • and more Enterprise grade features

I Want to Visit the GAIN’s Official Website


GAIN app is a known as powerful social media management tool that works effectively for any one. It automatically makes social media approvals and its easy to use for any social media managers and agencies.

This is easy to use and it means that this is a part of business which can easily scalable. It helps in growth of business and works effectively without any problem. Anyone can try this as it provides a free trial for 30 days.

But before trying it, I would recommend you to click on ‘request a demo’ option that it provide to its users. First look how it works and whether it matches your need or not and then you can move further. In fact for more social media management software, you can visit: