Everhour Review- Everything You Need to Know about Time Tracking Software

Everhour Review- Everything You Need to Know about Time Tracking Software

Everhour is one of the cloud-based time tracking and project estimation software, which is developed to fulfill the needs of project time reporting especially for startups, small companies and freelancers.

It works by measuring and then recording the whole time spent by them on several projects and assignments.

Its built as a browser extension and it removes the middleman of any external applications for tracking time. It means that as long you are working, the tracking software will work and record the time spent to get useful data and analytics.

This integrated solution provides benefits of time tracking as well as project reporting applications. Here users if want can add project time manually can report extra time spent on the particular project and also can adjust the existing time entries.

As it exists within browser so Everhour mix with several browser-based software like Asana, Pivotal, JIRA, GitHub, Basecamp and many others. Only by clicking on these web applications, immediately the service monitors the work on task level. So now its not only easy to know the exact time you are spending on the particular project but also can know what you are spending on that time.

This tool has the capability to login automatically on every user activity and also create a detailed history of all actions which is performed by user on the particular project.

Everhour can use the time tracking data to immediately generate invoices for all clients. It does not matter about the project size or number of employees; it shows how your client’s money is being spent. It has minute-by-minute analysis, which allows keeping your business responsible for the particular work being done.

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What you will get inside?

There are few important things, which effortlessly manage every project at the time of entire life cycle. They are:

Budgeting- It keeps track of all the project budgets

Time Tracking­– It tracks every task on time

Reporting– Provides supple reports to check the time in the way you wish

Invoicing– Allows to create invoice from time entries and send to clients

Resource Planning– You can track team’s utilization on several projects

Integrations– Easy to track time among popular project management tools


Performance & Stats

In this, there are many more features, which are:

Home page- It helps you immediately calculate on what is happening in your team, what is the performance of everyone on his or her tasks and also manages adjustment on the go.

Live dashboard– This helps you to find out who is working in the current moment and on what, what are their recent activities and even recognize those who fail to report a minute.

Member profile– This feature allows to see the summary of member’s work, their top task and also everything in details about each entry they have made.

Project summary– It allows to see the exact time and money spent on a particular project, easy to compare profit and cost and check individual progress of the participants.

Time tracking with other apps

Everhour is developed to improve and work together with favorite tools. Some tools are:

Project Management Tools– It works together with project management app and helps you to track time on particular tasks from its interface

CRM– Now improve efficiency on sales related activities by monitoring time dedicated to complete them

Accounting– Now easy to turn your important hours into an invoice and that too automatically copied to accounting tool without any double entries.

Deep-dive into your data

Easy to customize reports with Everhour so that only important things are seen to you

Filters– Several filters work to exclude data that are within specific projects, time range by several meta information

Layout– It tells you about how your report looks, which columns to show and what the order of appearance is

Formatting– It highlights several pieces of data in reports of individual cells. With this, you can see the invalid values, which are not easy to find out

Save or export– You can select and save any layouts, filters and date ranges. Also easy to export all data and send them to client. You have the option of .csv, .pdf or .xls

Why to use Everhour?

It is highly recommended because it integrates with several tools like Asana and many others that is mentioned above. An important function is supplied which is beneficial for project teams. However, this program is known for its better time tracking apps.

It uses straightforward interface which allows to use the data effectively that it gathers. May be sometimes you can face an issue but after everything is finalized, it does several analytic works.


Everhour offers a free trial for 14-days. Apart from that, it has two plans:


Flat Price- Limited to 1 Person $8 /month, paid yearly


Paid per Person Unlimited- $5/user /month, paid yearly

Or $7 /user month-to-month, $35 monthly minimum

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Well Everhour contains a straightforward interface, which helps users to make use of data effectively that it gathers. However there are some integrations which may be difficult to setup but after everything gets setup, it works well.

So there is nothing to get worried about as it also offers a 14 days free trial which can easily used by anyone. In fact, it also provides users with an option to ‘book demo’ on how Everhour works.