Drift Review- Get the Perfect Platform for Your Business

Giving a wonderful customer service and support is one of the important parts if you want to engage your customers on your website. And related to this, there are many online businesses who are working on this to provide their customers actually what they want with better customer satisfaction.

But if you want to engage your customers effectively on your website then you should focus on recognizing your visitors why they should stay on your page. Whatever you think might be important but apart from that, it is also essential to catch the attention of your customers.

Many times, it can happen that your customers are going through your site to find the solution of their issue and if you do not solve their problem then they might quit from your page.

This is where Drift can come in use to handle the situation. Yes, Drift is a live chat app similar to other live chat apps like Jivochat, LiveChat, and Comm100 etc where customers can do a live chat with the team and can the best solution for your issue.

After you connect Drift to your website, there are chances that you will generate qualified leads because of its bots and have a high chance of leads for sales team. So you can say that Drift is one of the first’s conversational marketing platform.

This is an app that has the ability to handle all communication on the go. It does not matter whether you use it on your website or on mobile devices; Drift gives you flawless conversations with your customers via chat or email.

After using it, you can easily recognize its features like predictions, booking of sales call automatically and replying with solutions instantly. Installing Drift into your website will give you better result immediately as customers will start communicating directly from website. Moreover, it has the ability to store customer’s email that helps to track or follow the lead after communication on website.

Using Drift, not only helps you to see who has come to your site but also allows you to chat and respond instantly. All in whole, you can say that Drift helps in user engagement, making leads and also support customer. In addition, it books meeting on its own automatically when you are not using it.

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Drift Features

Send Message Exactly on Right Time

You may send emails but not everyone will open it to see what’s inside. But if you install Drift then it will be easy to get in touch with your customers immediately and exactly at right time. In this you will have lots of features that you require for the particular situation like full page takeovers, customer triggers, slider messages.

New way to boost your website

Drift comes up with a bot feature known as Driftbot that is one of the most important part of business which brings artificial intelligence power, means customer relationship with you. This bot has the power to understand your customers chat with company and after that help them to provide the best answer to their issue at right time.

Single Place to Start communication

Drift allows to create a profile where you can create own digital business card. This will not take much time and only in few clicks, a customizable page will be created which you can send to those people you are working with. This will help them to connect with you always and in any need directly.

Combine the tools that users use already

Drift never wants to come between your work and this means that it allows you to do your work as you are doing. Drift only wants to be a part of it and therefore you can use it with the tools that you are using. Drift never wants to be a system record or marketing automation platform but only wants to make your business easy in 1:1 conversation ratio.

Drift allows to get in touch with customers easily and also provide useful information immediately and that too without any problem. One of the best thing that you can love about Drift is its mobile app. It helps you to communicate with your customers no matter where you are and you cannot miss a lead.

How it works

No need to worry about how it works. Only you have to add Drift’s embed code on your site and that all. Now it will work as you wish because it will allow your customers to connect with you via live-chat. For the customers, they have to click on Drift icon on your site and then they have to enter their message. If you are not available in office or you are outside then they will add email address of their own and can get response afterwards through email.

One exciting feature that it has is Driftbot, which helps to chat with customers asking what type of help they require, from whom, whether from sales, support, or from other member. After the customers reply, driftbot immediately send that chat message to the particular team. And if no one is available to reply the customer then it will apologize for you and ask the customers email address so that you can reply them afterwards via email.

Not only has this but Drift had many more things, which you can do. It has campaigns page that will allow you to make surveys or some announcements, which are important as if you are providing a holiday sale and you want that every customer know about it. Simply you have to write about it on message and it will show on every page.

There are many others too. When you think that in-site and in-app messages are not enough and want to communicate with your customers afterwards then nothing can be effective than email. Drift can do this task better, it will find the contacts who have communicated with team and send them an automated message.

Pricing Features

Personal- Starting from $0

Perfect for Individuals who want to:

  • Chat with prospects
  • Schedule meetings
  • Send sales email sequences

Team – Starting from $360 / month

Perfect for Sales or Marketing Teams who want to:

  • Increase qualified leads
  • Send shared email sequences
  • Push conversations to CRM

Company- Starting from $1,200 / month

Perfect for Organizations who want to:

  • Do Account Based Marketing
  • Book meetings automatically
  • Connect lead routing with CRM

I Want to visit DRIFT’S Official Website


So here, we have come to the conclusion part and now I think everything is clear about Drift conversation marketing platform. It can handle any task starting from announcements, proving information to user or just by keeping touch with people, it has many things to do.

This is a simple and easy tool to operate and add a live chat to your site. It has many exciting features, which are useful in many ways. You can start without paying anything but with limited features and it is for individual.

But I would suggest you to see the demo first and know how to use this amazing conversation platform. If it suits, you then opt for it otherwise; you can try several other live-chat services like Intercom, Zendesk, etc.