Complete Review of SocialFlow: Plans, Features and more!

about SocialFlow

SocialFlow was released in 2009, developed by Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone to make social media marketing more effective and easy for the brand owners.

It is a perfect Social Media optimization platform that helps one to boost their business performance on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

SocialFlow utilizes the key metrics like clicks per tweet, a number of likes, shares, followers, to enhance active social media engagement.

With the help of SocialFlow technology, you can track your Brand activity on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It also helps you with your content in order to maximize your user engagement, it is very effective for the king of social media platform i.e. Facebook and Twitter that keeps your users updates about modifications and innovations of your product. You can manage all of your brand activity on just one platform.

Nowadays, all the enterprises whether it is small or big seeking to enhance their social media advertising. If you are one of them then you should check out SocialFlow once. It contains very flexible algorithms that make the scheduling process easy and effective, it gives priority to your most relevant posts, boosts the chances of getting click-through and engagement from the relevant audience.

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What does it offer?

Marketing over social media is one of the best ways to make your brand visible to your customers, but doing social media marketing manually is time taking and boring process. But with the help of SocialFlow you can not only share your content automatically but also track the user activity over the shared content.

Now it becomes easy to manage all of your brand activity for all kinds of enterprises – especially for medium and big enterprises. If you want to boost the traffic of your brand from social media then you should go with the SocialFlow as it is the ideal choice with lots of plans. It helps your brand to get maximum exposure on Facebook and Twitter.

SocialFlow provides real-time data to make the user understand the reliable modifications in interests of your consumers. It plans your content to the windows in order to achieve maximum traffic.

With its advanced technology, you will get a complete data and enhance the performance of your brand over social sites. With this, you can also send the right message at the right time to the right audience. Its complex algorithms help the user to find out when a topic gains the interest of the audience and when it is being talked about lots.

It boosts the probability of your communication with your customers via retweets or a click through, you can schedule your messages with its optimization feature. SocialFlow’s algorithms find out the perfect time for your next post depending upon the participation of your audience. You can also access and analyze Facebook data for you in order to increase a better considerate of what posts engages your viewers best.


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Pros and Cons of SocialFlow

Pros of SocialFlow

  • Modified Advanced Solutions: It does not contain pre-built plans instead of that SocialFlow consults with their clients and design packages that suit your requirements.
  • Deep Analytics and Publishing Integration: SocialFlow’s proprietary algorithms are packed with real-time data.
  • Content Monetization Tools: SocialFlow allows users to generate revenue straight from your social media content.
  • Very Supportive: The backbone of this tool is a responsive customer support service.

Cons of SocialFlow

  • Made for Big Business: SocialFlow is perfect for enterprises with a well-known audience and has been decreasing the potential customers with too-small followings.
  • Limited Social Networks: SocialFlow only supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Limited Team Collaboration: If you are working in a team then it is not for you, as it doesn’t have many tools to support your team stay prearranged and synchronized.

SocialFlow Alternatives

  • Sproutsocial
  • Viralheat
  • Freshbooks
  • PageLever
  • Buffer
  • Known
  • Stacker
  • PromoRepublic
  • Choqok
  • DrumUp
  • Circular
  • ContentDJ
  • Grouptweet
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Oktopost
  • lknSuite
  • Refly Editor

Should I use this tool?

I’m using Social Flow from past 2 years and my experience is good, no doubt that it is a powerful tool as it provides me lots of features to promote my brand over social media platforms.

This tool analyzes real-time information related to my social media followers in order to optimize and automatically generate content for the social media platforms networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

It makes me able to attach relevant RSS feeds into Social Flow and observe as the software analyzed the content crosswise these feeds and chooses which ones would most likely generate imitation at that given moment.

Features of SocialFlow

  • This tool is able to analyze real-time conversational data
  • It boosts the clicks, Retweets, mentions and follower growth
  • It is completely automatic that increases the efficiency of audience-targeted delivery of social messages
  • Contains prognostic analytics and proprietary language technology
  • It endorse Messages and Tweets
  • Able to processes more than 1 TB of data per day
  • Ads API partner
  • Real-time analytics and a quality predictor
  • Clever publishing and purchasing
  • Solitary message reporting
  • It automatically finds the best interaction time for your target audience
  • Google analytics wharf
  • You can access live monitoring of trending information
  • It also provides custom reporting and custom content streams
  • You can also optimize delivery and evaluate messages in real time
  • Promoted Tweet suggestion
  • Boosts clicks, Retweets, mentions and follower growth


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So it is clear that SocialFlow is built in with advance algorithms which can easily manage your social media through intelligent, automated processes. But, it means the company is leaning more towards big enterprises with recognized audiences, which generate sufficient data to feed and inform these algorithms.

SocialFlow provides different services after knowing the requirement of their client, it tailors specific services to fit clients’ needs. But it also contains some inherent restrictions that you will need to keep in mind: no mobile apps, limited social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+) only.