A Complete Review on MouseStats : Website Heatmaps, Visitor Playback, Form Analytics

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Nowadays, online marketing changed completely. If you are following the traditional methods to boost your customer or visitors then you need to change those old strategies.

As online marketing become more competitive and that’s why you need to follow some latest way to boost your business over the internet.

In this blog I’ll tell you a basic thing of online marketing, nowadays heatmap and user recording is the way through which you can easily enhance your online business.

First of all make it clear that it is not about the market for real time web analytics. As heatmap and user recording service will allow you to better understand your visitors by recording their actions and more. There are lots of heatmap and user recording software available in the market, I’ve already written reviews about different heatmap tools like Smartlook, Mouseflow, Crazy Egg, HotJar and more. TAnd today I’m going to write a review on MouseStats (after using it more than a month).

MouseStats is a listed heatmap and visitor recording software that allows the user to record their visitor, a complete Heatmap, and Form Analytics. It comes with several listed features and benefits.

This software is able to track and understand your visitors, and with the help of these data, you can boost their experience. This will also help you to find out any types of problem on your website, it is very easy to make the entire thing much effective as this tool will provide you data about what they need and how they are using your web pages.

Once you find out the real people or visitors of your web pages, you can easily do some improvements, revamp and even do tiny small modifications in colors or orders to make an enormous difference in conversion rate.

MouseStats allows the user to work on the behavior of thousands of real visitors, and easily get lots of daily issues and mistakes are made by users on your website. Avoid the wrong clicks that happen because of the wrong colors, disordered elements and more.

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With the help of MouseStats, you will get some most important data and elements. You will find issues, confusions, troublesome and more aspects of your web pages. Along with them, you will find lots of useless parts on your pages. So it will ultimately help you to be objective.

So, now you don’t need to work on the guesses which sometimes impact your business. Simply go with the MouseStats and access the instant reports, comparisons and stats of visitor behaviors.

All the reports provided by this tool are updated and based on the real time. So, you don’t need to wait for a whole day to access the report about your site.

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MouseStats is packed with several types of features which make it simple to use for the customer. Once you add the MouseStats script onto your site, you will start receiving data like session recordings, heat maps, form analytics, and “micro surveys” which are designed to ask visitors for additional information about their experience. This micro survey feature is absolutely free of cost. 

This software records real-time sessions and enables video playback, so you can see where users clicked, abandoned forms, or interacted with page elements. You can also enable click, eye, scroll, or attention tracking or custom web and mobile heatmaps for the deep tracking of your visitors.

It also provides form reports that include total form views, stats of form, and conversions, form completion time, and form correction rate

Features of MouseStats

Visitor Playbacks

This tool will show your website visitors and every single mouse movements, scrolls, key-strokes and clicks as a movie. This contains one of the professional visitor recording technology, that allows you to reveal website visitors details in real-time.

Form Analytics

MouseStats Form Analytics option help user to get a complete report of the form depends on the behavior of your visitors. So you can easily find out form drop out reasons, conversion rate, time-consuming or blurred fields and much helpful insights to decrease your dropout rates and boost Signups, Survey fillings, etc.

Click Heatmaps

MouseStats Click option provides you a detailed info about where visitors have clicked and navigates.

Mouse Move Heatmaps

This tool is able to record every mouse movements and then it converts all the data to a simple heatmap.

Scroll Heatmaps

This is one of the unique features that gives data about: how visitors scroll long pages on your website. With the help of this insight, you can analyze even those areas on the page that are not visible.

Custom Heatmaps

Via MouseStats you can create your own heatmaps based on custom attributes to examine the behavior of visitors belongs to a certain group.

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Wrapping up MouseStats

That’s all about MouseStats, so if you really want to boost your audience via heatmap and visitor’s tracking technique then this is one of the best tool. As it doesn’t need any extra knowledge about heatmap or more, simply go with it and boost your visitors with the help of data provided by MouseStats.

There are various others products like ClickTale, MouseFlow, and ClickHeat that provide similar functionality, but MouseStats is much more effective, easy to use, and at a lower price. So go with this tool and it will give you answers to your questions like which part of your webpage distracts visitors, which picture attracts more attention of your visitors, what link not working, in which part you need to focus upon, and more.