CaseCamp Review – An Advanced Project Management & Team Communication Software

CaseCamp ReviewProject management software allows team members to manage their task by scheduling to task delegation. But professional Project Management software can offer more than managing a task, via an advanced project management tool allows teams to collaborate and communicate with other team members more effectively.

We have already discussed many professional Project Management software/services. Today we will discuss about another popular tool to manage your work and team with ease.

CaseCamp is very popular project management software, you can access this service online on a public or a privately hosted cloud. Don’t get confused with its name, because only the name may sound similar to very popular PM software BaseCamp. The entire interface, its working, features and all other factors of CaseCamp are completely different from the BaseCamp.

In this application, you will found more advanced features through which any organization can easily manage projects. As I’ve already discussed that it is more than a project management tool. Along with its basic task, it also allows you to decide the budget of your project, time and billing, support and ticketing, resources and tracking. In order to make better collaboration and boost the productivity, it keeps users and team members on the same page.

CaseCamp is one of the easy to use and straightforward project management software, it includes all the features and functionality which are required to manage both your projects and team members. This tool is able to unify your project and team member in a proper way.

The CaseCamp platform is very neat and understandable; hence you don’t need to spend your precious time to become familiar with this tool. It allows a smooth navigation and accessibility to the information along with quick and flawless communication with other team members.

The fan following of CaseCamp is very huge, this tool has many reputed clients (international brands and organizations) such as Ericsson, NDTV,, Outsource, Glass Net, Gymtropolis, Monster Quote etc.

Now, managing all the tasks become very simple, managers can easily manage their budget as well as track their expenses, set feasible schedules and allocate tasks for team members, set achievable deadlines and milestones, track the progress report, and more. With the help of progress report tracking feature, you can easily generate reports from real-time information in order to get the high quality and actionable insights.


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Pricing Comparison with Jira and BaseCamp


Along with few advanced features, CaseCamp also includes traditional project management tools. A working to-do list will keep everyone updated on tasks, like time of completion, priority, urgency and more. Gantt Chart feature is provided by the CaseCamp.

When it comes to pricing of CaseCamp then there is no other Project Management tool available that can compete with it. The pricing of this tool is very cheap and flexible, you can start using this tool by only paying $25/month which is really impressive.


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Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Public or Private Cloud Accessibility Options– CaseCamp offer both public and private cloud accessibility. If you want to go with its public cloud option then you have to pay only a minimum monthly subscription fee. This subscription will allow you to access a business system and helps in the planning of the project, status tracking, project budget tracking, resource planning, portfolio overview etc. But if you want more feature and customize this tool according to your need then you should go with its Private Cloud


  • Flexible and Customizable Business Solutions– This software can be used for the different scenarios and requirements. Along with its basic Project Management feature, users can also use this tool for managing fixed or hourly projects. It includes several useful features like resource management, planning of budget, predictable vs actual hours to complete the project, billing and invoicing, and more.


  • Comprehensive Set of FeaturesCaseCamp is designed with a to-do list for managing the task, Gantt chart and a calendar for project planning, tracking and scheduling. It also contains budget and time management features, teams/groups and employee tracking.


CaseCamp Pricing Plans:

Cloud – starts at $25/month

  • Project Planning
  • Portfolio Overview
  • Project and Phase Planning
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Project Budgets (hours, fees and expenses)
  • Project Status Tracking
  • High-Level Tasks & Notes
  • Custom Project Fields
  • Resource Planning
  • 50 GB or Unlimited space
  • Know your employee in office or beach
  • Budget Status Reports
  • Expense Reports

Gold – $4,999

  • One Domain
  • 1 Product
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 25 Hours Support
  • 50 Hours Development Included
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • Viewable source code and MYSQL
  • We are work for Hire after Licensing
  • Built on Ruby on Rails
  • Customizable Reports and Emails
  • Know your employee in office or beach
  • Paypal
  • More than 10 Payment Gateway

Diamond – By quote

  • All Product
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 500 Hours Development Included
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • Viewable source code and MYSQL
  • We are work for Hire after Licensing
  • Built on Ruby on Rails
  • Customizable Reports and Emails
  • Know your employee in office or beach
  • Paypal
  • More than 10 Payment Gateway


Technical details

Supported Devices: Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad and Mac

Language Support: English

Customer Types: Small Business and Freelancers

Deployment: On-Premise


Yes, I Want to Use CaseCamp’s 30 Days Trial 



If you want to manage the unlimited number of projects and their relevant teams without spending more money, then CaseCamp is perfect for you. This is the only tool that offers advanced project management feature in very cheap rate.

It is suggested to go with CaseCamp’s 30 Days Trial Period first, because when it comes to buying a Project Management Software or any other tool then don’t go with how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but use the tool personally and clear all of your doubt. Using this tool for 30 days will help you to decide that it is suitable for you or not. After using this tool, if it suits you then subscribe any of its pricing plans according to your need.