8 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools To Save You Time & Improve Efficiency!

8 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Time is very precious if you are running a business. When you are investing your precious time in social media then it becomes quite important to make sure that you are getting the best return on what you are investing.

In today’s era, social media is the only way to spread your business. So, more you use social media, the more you spread your business and get better outcome.  Social media does not have to take all your time and energy.

Organizing your business with social media efforts is quite vital as it can be much time-consuming. Spending an hour or a day on social media is very easy but have you ever thought that are you using that valuable time effectively or not?

If you find that you are spending much time on social media thae why don’t you use social media tools that can schedule your social media content? Well, using social media scheduling would be quite effective and productive. But, do you know why there is a great need to schedule your social media content? No??? Ohh,, don’t worry because here you will get to know everything about the need and benefits of scheduling social media content.

Why Social Media Scheduling?

As we all know that the users we target are not always online, so one can easily select different times throughout the day to post the desired content. This can also help you know at what time of day you get the most traffic to the content you publish.

Social media scheduling is a key component in sharing the content and building the brand. So, scheduling social media content becomes quite vital activity in order to expand your brand or business. Also, the content you share on social media should be original and curated, but curating the original content can take some time and effort.

However, this can be done by setting up an aggregator such as Scoop.It or Feedly. Also, notifications services like Talkwalker, Google Alerts and Mention can be used to receive alerts when any new topic or brand is published.

Social media scheduling can be very beneficial for those who want to expand or spread their brands or business. Let’s have a look at some of the most common benefits of scheduling a social media.

How Social Media Scheduling Can be Beneficial For You

It is known to all that social media does not sleep and, as a business, if you are on social media platform then it is quite important to produce most engaging content. With the help of social media scheduling, you can grab the below mentioned benefits:

  1. It saves time
  2. You can keep yourself always visible
  3. It adds value to your followers
  4. You can avoid distractions
  5. It’s cool if you want to go on a holiday
  6. It can extend the lifespan of your post, article, video, etc
  7. Completely spreads out your post
  8. Yeah, you can also post your content in weekends
  9. You can always be active online even if you are not available there physically
  10. No need to sit on a system or laptop for the whole day

Best Social Media Scheduling Tool You Can Ever Use

Lots of tools to schedule your social media content are available there. All of them offer great features that can maximize your social media ROI. It may also include analytics tools for monitoring keywords and brand mentions, ability to assign tasks and integrations with your CRM software.

Here, you can get the listing of best social media scheduling tool that performs their best in every manner:


SocialFlowOne of the perfect social media optimization platforms is the SocialFlow. It can help you boost the business performance on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. This tool utilizes the key metrics like the number of clicks, clicks per tweet, followers, shares, etc. SocialFlow can also track your Brand activity on social networks.


Another social media scheduling platform is the audience. It helps you engage more and more audiences on the basis of what they say, how they actually think and who they are. This tool allows you to engage audience and identify strategic market opportunities.

Sprout Social

sprout socialSprout Social is a social media management. It is an engaging platform that can be integrate very well with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GPlus, Zendesk and userVoice. It is a SaaS software that can promote comnmunication between people and businesses. With the help of its three main functions – publishing, engaging and analytics, a business can be effectively progress in social communications.


Post PlannerPostPlanner

Post Planner is a tool that is specifically designed to enhance the activities of social media marketing. With this tool, it becomes so easy for the social media marketers to manage and share the content on a regular basis. With this tool, the media marketers are also able to get the measurable, predictable results with their social posts.

Slack Social

SlackSocSlackSocialial is a well-known tool that helps promote anything over several social media platforms. This tool is integrated with a prognostic social media optimization technology. One can easily increase the return with the help of its well designed algorithms. Also, one can easily define goals, manage optimize offline conversions and long-tail terms as well.


Hootsuite is a special tool that has been designed to execute social media activities and strategies across their organizations. The major goal of this tool is to revolutionize today’s communications. Hootsuite has the ability to empower its customers to transform their social messages into meaningful relationships.


bufferOne of the internet-based app – Buffer can be used to manage social media content. The key function of Buffer is to share content across today’s well-known media sites. This tool also offers the ability to spread your content through just a simple approach. Also, you can connect to all social media accounts while making it easier to create and schedule posts.


OnlyWire  OnlyWire

OnlyWire is a special social media scheduling tool that collects all of your content to a high PR websites. If you want to go viral on a social media sites then this is the best tool you can ever try. With this, you can get lots of incoming links for your website or even wordpress blog.


I have tried my level best to collect time-consuming, effective and helpful online social media scheduling tools best of my knowledge. You can test any or all of them to know which one will help you stay on top of your social media marketing platform. If you have any other social media scheduling tool in your knowledge then please let me know. Thankyou!!!