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About AdBeat

Many business owners don’t know how to do business in a smarter way and so they lack somewhere in their field. But actually if you want your business to grow then as an owner you can do many things especially when you are going to a new brand and that is by completely researching about the competition.

Life can sometimes show the hard way and sometimes easy way but one should not stop but should think someone might have gone through such condition and have made a tool and collect information and data about how to market and place your brand.

However, if you as an owner want your brand to grow then there are several online options available which can provide a better option for a new business to grow. In fact similar to several online tools,

AdBeat is one of the useful tool which is on the market for several years providing new companies a good way to rise in the field. It works by going through all the display ad networks and fixes all links and images of all advertisers which it can search and after that gather entire information properly.

Then it evaluates your competition and at the same time it also calculates what’s working for them and there is no requirement to repeat the same process again and again. Using this tool not only saves your time and money but at the same time you can also get huge response.

What Adbeat offers

  • Discover strategy of your Competitor’s Marketing
  • Discover New Publishers and Placements
  • Recognize converting Ad copy and landing pages
  • More & more client leads & maximum deals closed
  • Discover Advertisers who are ready to buy more

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Features in Detail

Discover strategy of your Competitor’s Marketing– Don’t waste time and money on those traffic sources which don’t provide results, rather allow your competitors work for you. Adbeat works by repeating the strategies to make profitable campaigns.

Discover New Publishers and Placements– Adbeat’s publisher discovery tool finds competitors and industry leaders who already spending on new sources of high-quality traffic.


Recognize converting Ad copy and landing pages– There is no need to repeat the process as the tool finds best ad copy, publishers and landing pages which are already running in the field. It simply apply all those marketing strategies to improve campaign instantly.

More & more client leads & maximum deals closed– The tool searches advertisers related to your industry and make a touch with the relevant proposal. More client leads and by looking landing pages and strategy, closing deals chance increases.


Notice Advertisers who are ready to buy more– It recognizes advertisers who spend significant money with several vendors and provide a chance to capture this, hence makes the sale easy.

Adbeat Pros and Cons


  • Increases advertising ROI within minutes
  • Attracts your clients by proving surprising results
  • Provide new growth opportunities
  • Easily spread the business and also helps to get more leads from clients


  • Sometimes it fails to provide better results
  • Fails to close more deals which can be a drawback for users to use it.

Why should I use AdBeat?

I, as an owner of a business, wants to grow fast without knowing what to do to get fast and better results in competition then definitely I would go for Adbeat.  This software provides everything that I need as a beginner.

It provides quick and easy access to all competitive data that provides huge insight of what is going around in the marketplace.

It identifies and shows new growth opportunities which already many competitors are taking benefits of. It shows how our competitors are using digital channels to spread their message and also provide information on how to make smarter decisions on our own strategy.

It is not an easy task to find out what others are doing to make their industry run quickly and in such situation, it’s better to use this software which smartly takes all the winning information from its competitors and use it on our own industry to spread the business without any difficulty and also will get more leads from clients and have a chance of closing maximum deals.

YES, I Want to Use AdBeat


Well with Adbeat, you can improve advertising ROI just by enlightening marketing strategy of your competitors. It discovers high performing publishers and also recognizes their best converting ad copy, sales funnel and landing pages.

You can surprise your clients and show that no agency other than this can provide the best. It lets you recognize shifts in advertiser just to collect more revenue, close maximum deals, discover new clients and also reveal those advertisers who want to buy more. It searches for new competitors, ad-networks, real-time publishers that will design more beneficial plans and it will just blow clients away.